The Laundry Collection

Your NEW Laundry-Day Bestie Is Finally Here! Plant-Based Power. Market Leading Performance.

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This is a refill for the L'Avant Collective Laundry Detergent. Light grey 32 fluid ounces or 946 milliliters. It is a high performance laundry detergent that smells like Fresh Linen. It has gold lettering and a black plastic cap which is easy to open and close by turning it and it is on the left of the bag. The picture is on a light background with a shadow.

Laundry Detergent Refill - Fresh Linen


2oz silicone laundry measuring cup customized with L'AVANT Collective logo

Laundry Detergent Measuring Cup, Silicone


L'AVANT fresh linen laundry, 30 ounce grey bottle

High Performing Laundry Detergent - Fresh Linen


grey 32oz recycled plastic bottle with gold writing

High Performing Laundry Detergent - Unscented


1oz amber glass bottle of fresh linen laundry oil

Fresh Linen Laundry Oil


Mesh Laundry Bags Set of 2


Wool Dryer Balls


30 ounces grey laundry bottle, 3 wool balls, 1oz laundry oil glass bottle and 2 mesh bags with L'AVANT logo

Luxury Laundry Essentials Bundle


3 wool dryer balls with 1oz amber glass bottle of laundry oil

Fresh Linen Laundry Oil & Wool Balls Bundle


16oz Glass Bottle, Empty with Black Pump, White Pump or Trigger Sprayer

Glass Empty Bottle


16oz Glass Bottle, Empty with Trigger Sprayer, black white, blush or clear glass

Glass Multipurpose Empty Spray Bottle


16oz black glass Hand Soap bottle with black pump

High Performing Hand Soap - Fresh Linen


High Performing Hand Soap Refill in black plastic refill pouch with black cap

High Performing Hand Soap Refill - Fresh Linen


Dish Soap in 16oz white glass bottle with gold and white pump

High Performing Dish Soap - Fresh Linen


32oz High Performing Dish Soap Refill plastic black Pouch

High Performing Dish Soap Refill - Fresh Linen


16oz High Performing Dish Soap in White Glass Bottle and 32oz Dish Soap Refill Pouch

Dish Soap Bundle - Fresh Linen


16oz High Performing Luxury Hand Soap and 32oz Hand Soap Refill Pouch

Hand Soap Bundle - Fresh Linen


Scented Candle - Black

Fresh Linen Candle - Black


Scented Candle - White

Fresh Linen Candle - White


Cleaning Starter Bundle 16 oz  Dish Soap, 16oz Hand Soap, 16oz Multipurpose Surface Cleaner, 1oz Multipurpose Concentrate Refill

Home Essential Starter Bundle - Fresh Linen


Hand Lotion, 10 oz glass bottle on grey background. Black pump and gold neck.

Hand Lotion - Fresh Linen


Custom glass, 10oz bottle of hand lotion with black pump and gold neck. black or white 8oz glass candle jar with white wax

Hand Lotion + Candle Bundle - Fresh Linen


10oz glass bottle of hand lotion with black pump and gold neck. 16oz Black bottle of hand soap with black pump and gold neck.

Hand Lotion + Hand Soap Bundle - Fresh Linen


10oz glass bottle of hand lotion with black pump and gold neck. 16oz Black bottle of hand soap with black pump and gold neck.  16oz White bottle of dish soap with white pump and gold neck.

Hand Lotion, Hand Soap + Dish Soap Trio Bundle - Fresh Linen


Clear glass bottle with L'AVANT logo stamped in gold foil. White retail box with L'AVANT Collective brand stamped in gold foil.

Fresh Linen Room Spray


Black glass custom bottle of hand soap with gold foil logo.  Black pump with gold neck. Clear glass bottle of room spray with gold foil logo and gold cap.

Hand Soap + Room Spray Bundle - Fresh Linen


Large Lucite Tray Clear 12" X 6" X 1'"

Lucite Tray - Large


Aera Mini Fresh Linen Fragrance Capsule

Aera - Fresh Linen Mini Capsule


Aera Mini Diffuser and 1 Aera Mini Fragrance Capsule

Aera - Mini Diffuser and Fresh Linen Capsule Bundle


Set of two ivory colored dish sponges made of loofa and cellulose with cotton L'AVANT Collective tag on side of sponges.

Eco-Friendly Dish Sponges - Set of 2


Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent

About L'AVANT High Performance Laundry Collection

L'AVANT strives to deliver the ultimate in performance and excellence with each plant-based product. Our High Perfoming Laundry Collection was formulated with the highest quality eco-luxe materials and scientifically tested to deliver superior results. The Laundry Collection is the perfect complement to L'AVANT Collectives eco-luxe line of elevated home care products.

The Performance

The performance technology behind our enzyme-driven detergent protects colors from fading while achieving the ultimate clean, extending the life of your clothes, sheets and towels while maintaining that timeless look and feel. Third party performance testing showed L'AVANT detergent performed as well as the #1 leader in conventional grocery store liquid laundry! And comparied to other plant-based laundry detergents in head to head studies, L'AVANT OUTPERFORMED the market leaders.


Sustainable Packaging

Our laundry detergent bottle is made from 100% recycled PCR resin ( post consumer recycled plastic) providing an environmentaly friendly and sustainable choice. In addition to being made from second genraration materials, the detergent was formulated to be 5x more concentrated than the big jugs - making this bottle lighter weight, easier to transport and won't take up storage space!

5x More Concentrated

A little goes a long way with L'AVANT Laundry Detergent. Formulated to use the smallest does, L'AVANT High Performing Laundry Detergent is 5x more concentrated (than other brands) and an effective detergent that goes a long way!

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Plant-Based Power

Take on the toughest stains with confidence! L'AVANT's plant-based laundry detergent achieves the same results as market leading brands (think the big orange jugs) in third party tests, through a combination of powerful plant-based enzymes and surfactants that work together to break down and lift away dirt and stains.

Scented or Unscented?

L'AVANT laundry detergent is available in unscented and scented. Our Fresh Linen scented detergent is is made with natural fragrancea which is designed to lightly scent your laundry. Want to pump up or tone down the scent on laundry day? Now, you can control the fragrance in every load with our ultra-sophisticated laundry oil and wool balls!


Burning Questions?

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