How L'AVANT Defines Natural

What's inside our products matters to us. The integrity of our formulas, being high performing, plant-based and safe to use, have always been in the driver's seat of our brand.  We provide a list of every ingredient that L'AVANT Collective uses on our labels as well as on our website so you are armed with the information you need to determine if our products are right for you and your family. Because a legal definition does not yet exist for the term natural as it relates to products, we would like to define what natural means at L'AVANT Collective.

For L'AVANT, a natural ingredient means it derives from a natural, renewable source found in nature with no petroleum compounds. Here are some examples of natural ingredient sources: coconut, aloe, salt, olive oil, chamomile leaves, lemons, sunflowers, green tea, corn and more.

For L'AVANT, a natural product means that more than 95% of the ingredients, are considered naturally derived, per our definition above.  Many of our products contain an even higher percentage.  As such, we describe our products as natural, plant-based, plant-derived, eco-friendly or naturally derived.

A synthetic ingredient is one that is not from a natural source.  We avoid the use of synthetic ingredients in our products where possible!  However, we have not found certain ingredients, such as a 100% natural preservative that is effective in our products.  Because mold and bacteria thrive in water, any product that has a water base is susceptible to the growth of mold and bacteria—even your favorite cleaning products. Preservatives not only help keep these contaminants at bay, they extend the shelf life so your products last longer and perform the way they should.

We created L’AVANT Collective products to help clean up germs and dirt—not add to the problem! In the spirit of keeping you and your products healthy and safe, we employ highly effective but gentle, synthetic preservatives that ensures the best possible result, yet still adheres to our commitment to delivering products that are safe.

Because we are always seeking to do better, we'll continue to search for a completely natural preservative that protects your products the way we need it to. Until then, you can rest assured that not only will your L’AVANT Collective product perform the way it should without fear of contamination, it’s also safe enough for you and everyone (and every place!) you love.

On our Ingredients page you can find all of our ingredients, including the INCI name, common name, what it is, why we use it, where it's derived from and which products use it.