It’s no secret that this summer has been a brutal one, and with temperatures soaring into the triple digits for much of the world, there’s no getting around it: Our laundry has borne the brunt of our sweating. Body odor in clothing can be notoriously difficult to get rid of, but don’t toss that t-shirt or workout gear just yet. Thanks to the powerful plant enzymes in L’AVANT Collective non toxic laundry detergent, your clothes will look brighter, feel softer, and yes–even smell better! Here’s how plant enzymes get even the dirtiest, sweatiest job done to leave your laundry clean and fresh, naturally.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are protein molecules that occur naturally in living organisms of all types. Across both plants and animals, enzymes help the living organism to function, playing critical roles in chemical reactions that keep these life forms alive. In animals, for example, enzymes are crucial for digestion; in plants, enzymes aid photosynthesis.

According to, “The enzyme’s job is to accelerate (or “catalyze”) chemical reactions among other molecules in an organism or environmental ecosystem. The enzymes themselves aren’t changed by these reactions; they merely speed up the process or, in some cases, allow the reaction to take place in different conditions than what is normally possible (such as reactions at lower temperatures).” 

How do plant enzymes work in laundry detergent? 

Just as enzymes in living beings help speed up chemical processes, so, too, do they work in laundry to speed up the breakdown of stains and odors. Enzymes in L’AVANT Collective High Performing Laundry Detergent go to work to quicken the breakdown of odors and soil into smaller particles, loosening them from the material and helping to remove them from clothing. 

L’AVANT Collective High Performing Laundry Detergent


Of course, not all enzymes are created equal; there are different types of enzymes that provide targeted results, and we’ve chosen a powerful combination of plant enzymes for our natural laundry detergent

Which plant enzymes are in L’AVANT Collective’s eco-luxe laundry detergent?


A powerful plant enzyme chosen for its ability to break down protein-based stains, protease helps to remove wine, blood, and food from clothing. 


We chose to include the alpha-amylase enzyme in L’AVANT laundry detergent to help remove starch-based stains such as pasta, condiments, and baby food.

Pectate lyase

Jams, jellies, and other fruit-based stains are no match for pectate lyase, a plant-based enzyme we use in L’AVANT’s natural laundry detergent to help break down these hard-to-treat stains and help them disappear.


Powerful and adept at removing stains containing mannans–a polymer containing the sugar mannose–which are commonly found in foods we love, such as chocolate and ice cream. This plant enzyme is also highly effective on other mannan-rich stains, such as BBQ sauce and toothpaste. 


Both white clothing and brightly colored fabrics that have become dingy over time benefit from the plant enzyme cellulase, which helps to care for and extend the life of fabric, especially cotton. Cellulase keeps clothes looking fresher longer, even cutting down on pilling that may age fabric before its time.


Treating odor stains in laundry with plant enzymes 

When paired all together, like in L’AVANT Collective eco luxe laundry detergent, these plant enzymes can keep your laundry looking and smelling fresh, even when challenged with tough stains and odors.

High Performing Laundry Detergent

To treat body odor in clothing, apply a small (think: nickel-sized) amount of L’AVANT Collective High Performing Laundry Detergent to the affected area(s). Gently work into the fabric, allowing the detergent to really penetrate the fabric. Then, pre-soak the items with a small amount of water; we like to give it an hour or two to really let the plant enzymes go to work. Then, wash your clothing as usual; our natural laundry detergent works beautifully in cold water, which may help extend the life of your garments. Dry as you normally would. 


Scorching summer temps don’t have to mean the end of your favorite clothing items. With the power of plant enzymes to break down and lift away stains and odors, it’s no wonder L’AVANT Collective eco-luxe laundry detergent has quickly become a bestseller!

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