Aera x L'AVANT

The Smart Diffuser Meets Fresh Linen

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Aera Mini Diffuser and 1 Aera Mini Fragrance Capsule

Aera - Mini Diffuser and Fresh Linen Capsule Bundle


Aera Mini Fresh Linen Fragrance Capsule

Aera - Fresh Linen Mini Capsule


blushed bergamot mini aera pod

Aera - Blushed Bergamot Mini Capsule


Aera - Mini Diffuser and Blushed Bergamot Capsule Bundle


Aera x L'AVANT COLLECTIVE Collaboration

What is Aera?

Aera's Microdroplet Technology Dispenses fragrance as ultra-tiny scent molecules which fills your space with even, livable fragrance.

The Magic of Aera x L'AVANT

Aera and L'AVANT combined forces by bringing the unique home fragrance of Fresh Linen and delivering it through the technology of Aera diffusers. The Aera diffuser and Fresh Linen capsule create perfectly even and livable scented air in your room with no fragrance 'hot spots'.


Similar Brand Values

“At Aera we look for partners who share similar brand values -- clean fragrances, respect for the environment, sourcing high quality ingredients. Fresh Linen is a marvelous example of a new take on a beloved fragrance concept. Fresh, delicate, welcoming, it truly delights one's senses".

- Sandra Barvaux, VP of Fragrance @Aera

Luxury Beyond Cleaning

Create a luxurious sensory experience throughout the home by combining L'AVANT's cult classic Fresh Linen scent with the immersive, personalized technology of Aera’s diffuser. 

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Smartest Diffusers on the Market!

Aera can be programmed to play automatically on a schedule! Make your fragrance last by scheduling scent and only playing
it when you’re home and awake or when you need a little boost!

Safe. Sustainable. Sublime.

Aera’s smart diffuser technology delivers hypoallergenic Fresh Linen scent with no flames or residues to worry about, unlike with candles and traditional diffusers