Is there anything more satisfying on laundry day than pulling clean, fluffy, soft clothes from the dryer? We’ve always appreciated a freshly cleaned load of laundry, but since swapping out dryer sheets for wool dryer balls, we feel even better about our machine-dried clothes. Here are our top 5 reasons to ditch your dryer sheets for wool dryer balls, and trust us: You’re about to love laundry day as much as we do. 

Dryer balls save (a lot of) energy.

We’ve all been there: A large load of towels or bedding gets thrown in the dryer, the long cycle is set, the timer beeps to let us know they’re done — and we reach in to pull out a heavy load of laundry that’s not even close to being dry all the way through. There is no way a dryer sheet or fabric softener is going to make a difference in how long it actually takes to dry your load of laundry – but L’AVANT wool dryer balls will.

Wool Dryer Balls

In fact, wool dryer balls – tennis-sized balls made of wool – are becoming increasingly popular for their multiple benefits, chief among them being the amount of energy they can save. Throw in a few of these natural laundry accessories and you can cut your dry time by as much as 50%! L’AVANT Collective wool dryer balls absorb moisture, prevent static, and even help to remove stubborn pet hair from clothes, all while cutting down the amount of time you have to run your dryer cycles. An energy saver, for sure!


Dryer balls lessen your environmental impact.

Single-use dryer sheets have been around since the 1970s and have become a ubiquitous part of our laundry routines. But as our collective focus turns toward more eco-friendly household products we use every day, many people are opting out of using conventional dryer sheets, which are made of a polyester material. While these thin sheets may seem harmless because they’re so small and thin, they’re still single-use plastic, and that means they won’t break down in landfills and can end up in our waterways and oceans. L’AVANT wool dryer balls pair great with our planet friendly laundry detergent and are natural, effective, and an environmentally friendly solution to the dryer sheet problem – and, they can be reused for about 2-5 years, or up to 1,000 loads of laundry, depending on how often you use them!  


Dryer balls reduce your exposure to questionable ingredients.

Conventional dryer sheets have been touted as fabric softeners, wrinkle reducers, and fabric refreshers, but they’re made with water-resistant softening agents and artificial fragrance. These agents and fragrances can cause skin irritation, migraines, and respiratory issues – things you never have to worry about with natural wool dryer balls. L’AVANT Collective wool dryer balls are unscented, undyed, and are all natural – so there is no risk of exposure to questionable or toxic ingredients. 



Wood dryer balls reduce static. 

L’AVANT Collective wool dryer balls are a natural laundry solution for reducing static. The reasons for this are three-fold: First, they absorb moisture from your clothes and hold on to it, creating a humid environment that reduces static. Second, they reduce the amount of time you need to run your dryer, which prevents overdrying your clothes, one of the main sources of static. Lastly, the way the balls bounce around the dryer helps to separate clothes, ensuring they’re heated evenly and the friction that creates static is reduced. 


Wool dryer balls can be scented with essential oils.

If you’re someone who loves having your clothes smell fresh when they come out of the dryer, wool dryer balls can still help your clothes smell fresh and clean. Try adding a few drops of essential oil to the balls, like L’AVANT Collective Fresh Linen Laundry Oil. Allow this natural laundry fragrance oil to absorb into the wool dryer balls for an hour or two prior to using them on a “warm” drying cycle; this will help release a gentle fragrance that’s free of toxic chemicals and safe for people and the environment.

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