Blushed Bergamot - Sinside styling Blushed Bergamot - Sinside styling

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High-performing beauties designed to be on display and ready for action.

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Elevated Aesthetics

Beautiful products deserve beautiful packages. Designed to be refilled with simple sophistication that will be at home in any decor.

High Performance

High Performance

Non-toxic doesn't mean sacrificing effectiveness. The performance of our formulas rival that of conventional cleaning products.

High Performance


Collective means shared. We believe an equitable approach to home care that engages every member of the household.

Thoughtful Fragrances to Complement Your Home

Our signature fragrances of Fresh Linen and Blushed Bergamot use natural ingredients and offer a little bit of luxury while you clean your dishes and hands.


Plant Based Dish Soap That Actually Works

Reduce, reuse, and refill L’AVANT Collective's dish soap that outperformed market leading conventional dish soaps in 3rd party lab testing.

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Welcome to L'AVANT Collective: Where Style Meets Responsible Living


L'AVANT Collective emerged from the growing demand for cleaning products that are not only safer to use, but highly effective and easily accessible. Our mission is to seamlessly blend modern home interiors and styles with eco-friendly cleaning products made with plant based ingredients.

At L'AVANT, we believe in using natural cleaning agents that are derived from renewable sources found in nature, without any harsh chemicals. We meticulously select ingredients such as chamomile leaves, aloe, sunflowers, salt, corn, olive oil, lemons, coconut, and green tea. These ingredients are the backbone of our formulations, ensuring that your home is cleaned effectively without the use of harmful chemicals.

For us, a natural product means that over 94% of its ingredients are derived from natural sources. Many of our cleaning products surpass this percentage, further exemplifying our commitment to eco-friendly solutions. If you value vegan cleaning materials and biodegradable ingredients you'll love L'AVANT Collective.

At L'AVANT Collective, we take pride in curating the finest plant-based cleaners for your family. Our luxurious cleaning products include hand soaps, hand lotion, bathroom cleaners, laundry detergent, dish and hand soap sets, soap refills, multipurpose cleaning spray, candles, and other household cleaners. Each product is thoughtfully crafted to deliver exceptional cleaning solutions, while upholding our eco-friendly principles and commitment to more sustainable cleaning options.

By choosing L'AVANT Collective, you're embracing a lifestyle where elegance meets sustainability. We understand that a clean home is a reflection of your style and values. That's why we've combined chic design with the power of the best plant-based cleaning ingredients, so you can enjoy both a visually appealing space and a healthier living environment. We strive to help your home look great, smell amazing, and feel as clean as possible so you can enjoy your everyday life even more.

Discover the versatility of our multipurpose cleaners, meticulously formulated to tackle dirt and grime on various surfaces. Harnessing the power of earth-based cleaning ingredients and essential oils, these cleaners leave your home not only impeccably clean but also infused with a fresh, invigorating scent. With our curated collection of luxurious, vegan cleaning supplies, you can embrace the elegance of natural living and immerse yourself in a world where cleanliness is an art form. You'll discover the power of nature in every aspect of your home.

Elevate your cleaning routine and order our plant based cleaning products and reusable bottles today. You'll enjoy fast, easy shipping right to your door.