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Plant-based and high-performing laundry detergents, oils, and accessories.

Plant and
Mineral Based
100% Natural
No Parabens,
Phosphates, Phthalates

The Pillars that define us.

Elevated Aesthetics

Beautiful products deserve beautiful packages. Designed to be refilled with simple sophistication that will be at home in any decor.

High Performance

Non-toxic doesn't mean sacrificing effectiveness. The performance of our formulas rival that of conventional cleaning products.


Collective means shared. We believe an equitable approach to home care that engages every member of the household.

Cleaning Products That Require a Double Take

L'AVANT Collective is setting a new standard for gentle cleaning products by elevating efficacy and aesthetics to create high performing, plant based home products.


Plant Based Dish Soap That Actually Works

L’AVANT Collective's dish soap outperformed market leading conventional dish soaps in 3rd party lab testing.

Try the dish soap that customers are raving about

Elevate Your
Expectation of Clean

Discover for yourself how powerful plant based can be with our 2 oz trial sizes. Always Free Shipping on our Discovery Bundle!


Natural Cleaning Products


L'AVANT Collective arose from the ongoing demand for household cleaning products that were, non-toxic, highly effective, and conveniently located. Our mission is to combine modern home interiors and styles with commonly-used cleaning products in an eco-friendly and plant-based way.

For L'AVANT, what makes for a natural ingredient is that it stems from a natural, renewable source that can be found in nature and contains no petroleum compounds. Examples of natural ingredient sources include: chamomile leaves, aloe, sunflowers, salt, corn, olive oil, lemons, coconut, green tea and more.

For L'AVANT, what defines a natural product is that over 98% of the ingredients are considered naturally derived. Several of our cleaning products contain an even higher percentage. Therefore, we describe our products as natural, plant-based, plant-derived, organic, eco-friendly or naturally derived.

We strive to bring you the best natural cleaners/cleaning products. Our products include luxury/natural hand soap, biodegradable wipes, dish soap, dish and hand soap sets, soap refills, multipurpose cleaners, candles and more.

We also have a blog full of helpful advice. We even explain how to organize a small closet!