If you’ve been curious about trying a natural laundry detergent but aren’t sure if it will work because you aren’t sure how it works, we have good news. Our L’AVANT Collective High Performance Laundry Detergent is formulated with powerful plant-based enzymes that do the heavy lifting without taking a heavy toll on the environment, or your health. Get to know the natural enzymes you’ll find in our sustainable laundry detergent – both the Unscented and Fresh Linen options–and why we chose them to use in our NEW eco-luxe laundry formula. 


Known for its powerful stain-fighting ability, protease is a plant-based enzyme that breaks down protein chains. These protein chains are commonly found in food such as chocolate and dairy products, in grass, and even in our blood and sweat. The protease enzyme goes to work breaking down these protein stains so our eco-luxe laundry detergent can then lift them from the fabric. Voila! Stain removed. 

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We can’t be the only ones who’ve walked into a lunch meeting with baby food on our blouse or left a dinner date with a spaghetti stain on our pants, right? As if that weren’t bad enough, these types of stains can often feel as though they’re “baked on” to the fabric–not an easy fix.  If you’ve ever struggled to remove starch-based stains like baby food, pasta, potatoes or gravy, you’re going to love alpha-amylase. Like the other enzymes in our High Performance Laundry Detergent, it’s plant-based…and powerful. Alpha-amylase breaks down the starch components in such stains, allowing them to wash away in the laundry cycle. Finally! An easy fix to these stuck-on, starchy stains. 


Pectate lyase 

We love fresh fruit. We also love fresh veggies. And jam. In short, we love everything that eventually will end up staining our clothes, but thanks to the enzyme pectate lyase, we no longer have to stress out when our salad lands on our sundress. This wonder enzyme in our clean laundry detergent actually goes after stains containing pectin–a starch that naturally occurs in fruits and vegetables–by breaking up the pectin into tiny pieces that wash away in the laundry. 


If you thought natural laundry detergent didn’t work in cold water, think again. Thanks to the plant enzyme mannanase, cold water washes are just as effective as warm or hot water cycles. Mannanase is a critical component of L’AVANT Collective’s sustainable laundry detergent because it works wonders, even under tough conditions. It is particularly powerful in breaking down gums, like the guar gum and locust bean gum found in ice cream, toothpaste, mayonnaise, dressings, and even some body lotions. 

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Tiny fibers in our favorite white clothes can come loose from cotton threads over time, trapping dirt and resulting in whites that look more gray than they do white. Cellulase works on white fabrics to “cut” these fibers and allow them to wash away in the laundry cycle, brightening white clothes once more. 

But it’s not solely white clothes that benefit from the plant-based enzyme cellulase; colorful clothes benefit from this same “cutting” that works on whites, revealing the more vibrant colors that have been hidden beneath the tiny fibers. 

Now that you know how L’AVANT Collective High Performance Laundry Detergent will clean your clothes, you can choose from our cult-favorite Fresh Linen scent, or Unscented. Either way, in classic L’AVANT fashion, your laundry room will get an upgrade thanks to the beautiful, countertop-worthy packaging. And you’ll be caring not only for your clothes, but with these natural, plant-based ingredients, for the planet, too. 

Who knew laundry day could be so…enjoyable?!

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