If the words “natural cleaning products” conjure up images of frustrated attempts to obtain the level of clean you’re used to, we have good news: Plant-based ingredients can actually outperform standard cleaning formulas, and they’re more gentle on you, your loved ones, and the planet, too. Here’s why natural cleaning products are better—and why you may want to make the switch if you haven’t already.

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Natural cleaning products pose fewer health risks

If you’ve ever experienced difficulty breathing while scouring your tub, felt the creeping dread of a headache while mopping your floors, or had red, itchy hands after washing the dishes, you know all too well how irritating conventional cleaning products can be. But even more insidious are the negative health effects from these products that we don’t feel right away, like hormone disruption or exposure to carcinogens.

As we here at L’AVANT Collective have discussed before, here in the U.S., our everyday cleaning products are not subject to oversight by a governing body. According to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), “Because we don’t submit household products to rigorous chemical testing in the United States, your go-to cleaning solutions may be chock-full of unpleasant ingredients. In fact, the average American uses 25 gallons of toxic chemical products at home every year.” And the American Lung Association states, “Many cleaning supplies or household products can irritate the eyes or throat, or cause headaches and other health problems, including cancer. Some products release dangerous chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Other harmful ingredients include ammonia and bleach.”

The American Lung Association also notes that some conventional cleaning supplies may include dangerous VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and “other toxic substances that can include, but are not limited to: aerosol spray products, including health, beauty and cleaning products; air fresheners; chlorine bleach; laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid; dry cleaning chemicals, rug and upholstery cleaners; furniture and floor polish, and oven cleaner.”

But just because these products exist in abundance doesn’t mean that you’re relegated to using them. Luckily, today’s natural and plant-based formulas have come a long way to create high performance cleaning products—meaning, you can have a sparkling clean home without putting your health at risk. (Whew!) Utilizing the power of plant-based, non-toxic ingredients, natural cleaning products make the most of Mother Nature’s wisdom—so much so that you may wonder what took you so long to make the switch.

We’re partial to L’AVANT Collective eco-friendly hand soap, plant-based cleaning wipes, eco-luxe multi-purpose cleaner, green laundry detergent, and plant based dish soap because they not only out-perform their conventional counterparts, but they smell amazing (our proprietary natural Fresh Linen scent for the win!), and most importantly? They’re safe for everyone in the family to use—no health risks here!


They’re safe for pets, too

Because our homes aren’t just for people, we love that L’AVANT natural cleaning products are safe for our pets, too. Four legged friends in particular are susceptible to walking across wet floors and countertops or curiously nosing around cleaning products and then licking their fur or paws that may have come in contact with cleaning solutions.

Our pets are crucial members of our families, so we knew when developing L’AVANT Collective that we wanted our plant-based cleaning products to be highly effective at cleaning, and seriously safe for all members of our family to be around. If you have to clean your home—or if you love to clean your home, like we do—be sure to reach for eco friendly cleaning products that keep your pet’s health in mind, too.

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Natural cleaning products are gentle on the environment

With more and more of our attention being pulled toward climate news, we know that when it comes to the environment, our everyday choices matter.

Plant-based products in the L’AVANT Collective line are safe to use around the house and on the go. From non-toxic linen scented hand soap and eco-luxe dish soap to our unscented plant-based cleaning wipes made from natural ingredients, we’ve made caring for your home and our planet easier than ever.

And, because we know less waste matters more than ever, we’ve launched eco-friendly refills for your favorite L’AVANT Collective glass bottles. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back from doing something good for Mama Earth.


L’AVANT Collective products are prettier, too!

Last but not least, our natural cleaning products are better because they look this good in your home. We set out to elevate the look, feel, and scent of organic cleaning products, and we’ve never looked back. With L’AVANT Collective’s timeless and sophisticated aesthetic, you’ll never reach for another single use plastic bottle of electric blue mystery liquid ever again.

 L'AVANT Products

Ready to make the switch to natural cleaning products? Let us know if you have any questions!

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