When it comes to dish soap, not all formulas are created equal. We know from firsthand experience that ingredients in conventional dish soaps can be irritating to sensitive skin and eyes—not to mention the environment. So we set out to create L’AVANT Collective non toxic dish soap to change the way dish soap performs. But what is non toxic dish soap anyway, and what sets L’AVANT apart from the pack? Let’s dive in. 

What does “non toxic” mean when it comes to dish soap? 

You’ve no doubt read words like “green,” “clean,” “natural,” and even “non toxic” on the packaging of your favorite personal care products or other items around your home. While many of us assume that the FDA regulates these terms and demands brands adhere to strict guidelines to be able to claim their products are actually clean, green, natural and non toxic, unfortunately, there is no defining standard for what these descriptors actually mean.The truth is, it’s up to the brand itself to formulate products that are safe for people and the planet. And if a brand wants to use words like  “natural” to describe its formulas, they can do that to help market their products to consumers who want to buy safer, truly plant-based options. 

If this information has you feeling a bit frustrated, you’re not alone! But here’s the exciting part: Knowing how to read a label, understanding what ingredients to look for, and making an informed decision as a consumer can feel downright empowering. And once you find brands you trust—like L’AVANT Collective!— and understand its ingredients lists, you can rest assured that you’re getting what you want, every time you make a purchase. 

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What does L’AVANT mean by “non toxic”? 

So, what do we mean by “non toxic”?  We mean that all of L’AVANT Collective products are:

Free of dyes like “Yellow-5” and “Red 40” or other synthetic colors. Such dyes may irritate skin and eyes, and some are still being studied for a possible link to hyperactivity or mood disorders. Some are even known carcinogens.

Free of phthalates, endocrine disrupters found in synthetic fragrances. 

Free of toxic preservatives like formaldehyde, which can irritate respiratory systems and is a known carcinogen. 

Free of synthetic surfactants such as SLS and ethanolomines like DEAs, TEAs, and MEAs that may irritate skin, eyes, and respiratory tracts, and may appear under names such as 1,4 dioxane, PEG, and words that end in “-eth” like sodium laureth sulfate. 

Better for you, your pets, and the planet. Our products are safe for everyone in the family to use, walk on, and smell—and safe for our water supply and planet overall. 

      How does L’AVANT Collective formulate non toxic dish soap?

      When we decided to launch L’AVANT Collective, we hired one of the leading green chemists to create plant-based cleaning products that would not only outperform others already in the eco-friendly market, but that would also outperform conventional cleaning products. We researched (and researched!) every ingredient, and tirelessly searched for suppliers that wouldn’t settle for anything less than our exacting standards. 

      Together with our green chemist and supplier, we created high quality dish soap that is not only non toxic, but that cleans your dishes better than the conventional one you’ve been reaching for.  And, because we believe that you should have the final say about what you’re purchasing, we’ve listed all of our ingredients, so you can make the most informed decision about the eco friendly cleaning products you’re bringing into your home. 

      Ready to give non toxic dish soap a try? Go ahead! Now that you know what you’re buying, we think you’re going to love doing the dishes. Really!

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