No matter what our best intentions are for having a home that looks straight out of our Instagram aspirations, life gets messy. Sometimes it’s a car seat full of crushed kids’ snacks, other times it’s a sink full of dishes (and wine glasses!) from a celebratory dinner party. Whether a special occasion or a mundane moment, life’s mess is part of what makes it so beautiful. Another part of life we love? Plant-based cleaning products that don’t just get the job done beautifully, but look beautiful doing it. From hands and dishes that need washing to countertops that need wiping and floors that need mopping, you don’t have to sacrifice your love of a clean home for nontoxic ingredients. And you certainly don’t have to sacrifice your design style to keep cleaning products within easy reach when you need them most!  Read on for the sustainable cleaning solutions we reach for every day to keep our homes clean, looking good,  and smelling fresh–and ready for the next mess, wherever it happens!  

Sustainable Hand Soap 

We use L’AVANT Collective sustainable hand soap more times a day than we can count. While hand washing has always been important, it reached a whole new level when Covid-19 hit and hasn’t slowed down since! 

Hand Soap


Luckily, this eco-luxe hand soap formula is infused with skin-loving aloe vera to keep hands soft and calendula for soothing skin. And with our proprietary fresh linen scent made of essential oils, your hands will be softly scented (never overpowered!) everytime you wash up. A non toxic hand soap that’s safe for everyone in the family to use, multiple times a day? No wonder this sustainable hand soap formula gets top billing on our counter space–though the elegant glass bottle doesn’t hurt, either! 

Sustainable Dish Soap 

Whether you’re soaking pots and pans or washing up after meals, a sustainable dish soap that cuts grease and cleans dirty dishes is indispensable in the kitchen! Gone are the days when you needed to purchase a harsh dish detergent that left your hands dried out and your skin irritated from harsh ingredients and perfumed fragrances. 

L'AVANT Dish Soap


Instead, an eco-friendly dish soap from L’AVANT Collective works every bit as hard as conventional formulas while being a planet-friendly, skin-friendly option to clean up your messy dishes. Just a few pumps of this clean dish soap fills your kitchen with our light linen scent and gets down to the business of leaving your dishes sparkling, all without harsh chemicals that can irritate skin. We use this sustainable dish soap daily to quickly wash our coffee mugs before heading out the door, to scrub pots and pans, and to keep our kitchen sink mess-free. 

Sustainable Soap Refills 

Once you get used to having L’AVANT Collective glass bottles on your countertops, you won’t want to be without them. With their elevated designs and beautifully weighted glass, these bottles work seamlessly within your home’s decor to keep things clean while also keeping them looking beautiful. 

We made our glass bottles refillable with sustainable soap refills so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. Whether you buy refills for your sustainable hand soap or sustainable dish soap (or both!), you’re signing up for less waste and more eco-luxe cleaning experiences. Highly concentrated like all L’AVANT formulas, these refills go a long way in washing hands and dishes while soothing even dry skin. And, because we love not having to remember to stock up, we’ve also launched a subscription service so you never run out of the uplifting scent and sustainable cleaning prowess of L’AVANT Collective! 



Sustainable Multipurpose Cleaner Refill 

As much as we love sudsing up, we really love wiping things down: countertops, car seats, restaurant tables, airplane armrests…the list goes on and on! And nothing gives us a little cleaning boost like the light linen scent of our sustainable multipurpose refill. Use these concentrated 1 oz. bottles in your L’AVANT Collective spray bottle, add water, and you’re ready to tackle whatever mess life throws at you. 

Spray this natural multi-purpose cleaner wherever a mess appears: on kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities–we even love using this highly concentrated formula as our floor cleaner. Just fill your bucket with hot water, drop the concentrate in, and let your reusable mop work its magic. From muddy sneaker prints to muddy paws, this eco-friendly refill cleans floors beautifully, scents your room softly, and is safe for bare feet and paws to walk on. 

Multipurpose Cleaner and Concentrate


And like all L’AVANT Collective products, the sustainable multipurpose cleaner refill elevates your cleaning experience, thanks to its plant-based scent. When added to your refillable cleaner bottle, you can trust that this natural cleaner will keep your surfaces beautifully clean, and your countertops as beautiful as you like them to be!

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