For many of us, reaching for conventional cleaning products is something we’ve done for years without much thought. We go to the store, reach for the bathroom cleaner or multipurpose spray we’ve seen in commercials or maybe even watched our parents use, and we continue on with our lives. But as more and more information about conventional cleaning products has become available, we’ve realized that the use of these products can be detrimental to our health and can wreak havoc on the environment. Here are our top 4 reasons to switch to non-toxic cleaning products—and trust us, you won’t miss the conventional stuff one bit.

Asthma and allergy aggravators

Harsh chemicals and strong fumes in conventional cleaning products can trigger asthma and aggravate allergies—not what you want to be feeling when you’re trying to clean your house! Quaternary ammonium compounds—known as “quats” or QACs—are found in conventional disinfectant wipes, window cleaners, hand soaps, baby products and more. According to Mount Sinai Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health, QACs have the potential “to cause serious and preventable health effects” that include, “contact dermatitis, triggering of asthma symptoms in people who already have asthma or new onset of asthma in people with no prior asthma, eye and mucous membrane injuries from splashes or direct contact with mists, and oral and gastrointestinal injuries from swallowing solutions containing QACs.”

 We recognize that disinfection is a crucial element in fighting viral and bacterial germs, especially during COVID-19. If possible, open windows for good ventilation when using them, wear gloves and goggles if you have them and while you’re probably sick of wearing a mask, donning one while using your disinfecting wipes or spray may help keep lung or skin irritation at bay. When in doubt, we suggest consulting with your doctor about how best to use products that contain these compounds.

Skin irritants

Antibacterial sprays and soaps have long contained triclosan (also known as TSC) and triclocarban (TCC), antibacterial and antimicrobial agents—but they’re also popular in toothpaste, detergents, on toys and in some cosmetics. Triclosan has come under fire in recent years for its effects on the skin and causing increased allergen sensitivity; it has also been linked to the disruption of thyroid function and possible antibiotic resistance. Check the labels of your soaps, household cleaning products, hand sanitizers and personal care products to make sure they don’t contain triclosan or triclorcarban—then reach for plant-based home cleaning products from L’AVANT Collective to ensure your products are safe from this harmful agent.



Environmentally toxic

While we’ve been conditioned to believe that chlorine bleach is a necessary part of our cleaning and laundry routine, the long-term effects of chlorine bleach on the environment are staggering. Manufacturers release chlorine-infused waste into the environment in mass amounts; once in the water, it can create dioxins, highly toxic compounds that endanger not only our health, but that of wildlife—including our fish supply. Because bleach takes years to break down, it continues to linger and damage the environment, including the air and water we—and our wildlife friends—breathe and drink. Reaching for non-toxic options like hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol or L’AVANT’s Multipurpose spray are all safe, eco-friendly options for disinfecting and cleaning your home.

 Harmful to family and pets

Parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances: We’re so accustomed to purchasing glittery products that promise extra bubbles or brightly colored bottles promising the eradication of the last germ in our house that we can forget that bodies like the ones toddling or pawing around our homes are especially vulnerable to toxic chemicals used in everyday household products.

Just as we wouldn’t dare use paint with lead in it around our children or pets, we need to consider the long term effects of endocrine disruptors on our loved ones. Using conventional cleaning formulas just isn’t worth it, especially with so many powerful plant-based, safe and natural ingredients to do the job just as well (and, we’d argue, even better!). Head to our Products page to shop all products for easy swaps to plant-based cleaning. Still need convincing? L’AVANT Trial Sizes are a perfect way to try our products in your home.


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