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Luxury Cleaning Products

Say goodbye to the colored plastic bottles. Experience chore time on a new level.

You have to clean your house, but you don't have to dread it. Upgrading your home care routine with gorgeous products that make you feel good can make the job so much easier. Whether you're washing dishes in the kitchen, doing countless loads in the laundry room, or cleaning the bathroom floor, do it with glamorous tools that put a smile on your face.

L'AVANT Collective's bio-luxe goods feel like beauty products for your home. They engage the senses with their eye-catching features, sculpture-like form, and fragrant essential oils. Meant to last, they are sturdy but not industrial looking or too minimalistic. They are the perfect blend of strength and elegance and you'll be surprised how much you look forward to using them.

What kinds of good looking cleaning products are there?
We offer beautiful household wares of all kinds! Our product designers took great care in crafting stunning packaging to reflect the high quality formulations within. Our popular laundry detergent comes in artfully shaped bottles, our beloved hand soap is packaged in exquisite black glass dispensers, and our eco-friendly dish soap has a classy white and gold pump.

Are luxury cleaning products worth it?
If they're from L'AVANT, they are! Our products are more than just pretty. Your investment in our premier home care products is a contribution to the wellbeing of your family and the planet. Plus, they really work! Our natural cleaning products are gentle enough for your granite counters and marble floors but tough enough to tackle grime and buildup on cabinet handles, bathtubs, and other frequently used surfaces.

Where is the best place to buy cute cleaning supplies?
Right from your home! Forget about driving to the store, browsing through dozens of cleaning product brands, and hoping they work when you drag them out from underneath the sink. Choose a cleaning supply brand that makes safety, sustainability, and efficacy as important as visual appeal. Buy cleaning supplies online from L'AVANT Collective and have our luxe cleaners shipped right to your front door.