Natural Wood Handle Dish Brush

Time to ditch that ugly sponge! We want to upgrade your entire sink side. Currently exclusive to CLEAN subscribers only!  Join today!  Simply subscribe to your favorite cleaning products and we will gift either a Dish Scrubber or this Dish Brush while supplies last (limit one per customer).

Plastic-free and 100% compostable, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic brushes and scrubbers. Smooth beechwood and firm but soft sisal fibers combine in a durable brush that tackles your messiest cleanup tasks while being gentle on your dishes. Sourced from the agave sisalana plant, sisal is stronger and more durable than other natural fibers. It’s also resistant to bacteria, mildew, and oil.

Unlike its plastic counterparts, our Dish Brush doesn't need to end up in a landfill. As a natural product, it will show its age. Wood may split or crack over time, and oxidation may form dark spots or discoloration. These changes are normal and don’t affect performance. A little care will extend the life of your scrubber.  Care and Compost Instructions found below.

Care Instructions

Keep dry between uses – Don’t leave your brush sitting in water. Stand it upright on its bristles to drain.

Refresh with occasional cleaning – To clean and disinfect, squirt a little L’AVANT dish soap in a cup of vinegar and give your brush a 10-minute soak, then rinse in hot water and set aside to dry.

Beeswax and wood oil work wonders – Wood has natural antibacterial properties that are inhibited by the use of chemicals. Instead, treat the beechwood with beeswax or wood oil every few weeks to reseal the surface.

No microwave, no dishwasher – Your brush will thank you.

When it’s time to retire your brush, recycle the metal components and compost the rest!

Elevated Performance

We’ve created each L’AVANT Collective product to shift your perspective on how you clean—and just how effective plant-based and non-toxic can be.

Elevated Aesthetics

We’re obsessed with mindful design. That’s why each L’AVANT Collective product is housed in elegant packaging that you’ll love leaving on your countertop.

Elevated Ingredients

We are committed to using only high performing, plant-based cleaning ingredients that are safe for people, pets and the environment.

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