You’ve made the decision to switch to non toxic dish soap–congratulations! Non toxic dish soap is easier on your skin and the environment, and when you choose the best-selling formulas from L’AVANT Collective, it can be just as (or more!) effective than traditional formulas. If you’re wondering where to buy non toxic dish soap, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some of our retailers throughout the U.S., and how to find a store near you. 


L’AVANT Collective is available at Bloomingdale’s! The department store beloved for its beautifully curated goods carries L’AVANT non toxic dish soap, and we couldn’t be happier to have our elevated packaging gracing some shelf space here.  

Blue Mercury 

This chain of beauty products and finely crafted home goods has added L’AVANT non toxic dish soap to its roster. Who doesn’t love shopping for a new lipstick and discovering an eco luxe cleaning brand in the process? We love that Blue Mercury has been making room on their shelves for clean beauty for a long time now, and are honored to be a part of their commitment to natural home cleaning products, as well! 

The Container Store

If you’ve been wondering where to buy non toxic dish soap, look no further than one of our favorite places to put our hectic lives in order: The Container Store. This organizational nirvana carries all kinds of products to elevate and clean up your daily living, and we can proudly say that now, the elevated packaging of our L’AVANT Collective non toxic dish soap can be found here, too! But the good news doesn’t stop there. You can also find L’AVANT natural hand soap and our entire line of organic cleaning products. 

Dish Soap


Our list of where to buy non toxic dish soap doesn’t end there, though. L’AVANT Collective natural cleaning products are found in retailers throughout the United States, so if you don’t live close to the stores listed above, don’t worry! You can still find our non toxic dish soap and other organic cleaning products in brick-and-mortar retailers near you. Not only are we carried in larger stockists like GOOP and Anthropologie, but you can find us in independently owned small businesses throughout the United States, as well. 

Curious to know where? You can visit the “stockists” page on our site and input your zip code for the closest store to sell L’AVANT Collective. This easy-to-use store locator will pull up the stores near you, and will display how many miles are between your zip code and the closest L’AVANT retailers. 

All L'AVANT Products


And of course, if you’re still wondering where to buy non toxic dish soap, you can always have it shipped directly to your door from our site. What’s more, you can subscribe for monthly delivery of your favorite natural cleaning products! You’ll save money, and you won’t ever have to be without our organic dish soap, hand soap, multipurpose spray, hand lotion, or wipes. Love our proprietary Fresh Linen scent? We’ve also made a L’AVANT candle with a blend of natural waxes to keep your home smelling fresh and clean–all in a gorgeous glass container, of course. 

Whether you buy L'AVANT Collective natural cleaning products in person at one of your favorite retailers or online, you’ll benefit from the elevated clean they deliver. Happy shopping!

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