If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s just how important hand washing is to our health. But for those of us who suffer from eczema, constantly washing our hands can cause a flare, leaving our hands inflamed, red, irritated, and even cracked—which only makes them more susceptible to germs. So, what is someone with eczema to do to keep their skin calm and clean?  Keep reading to discover the best natural hand soap for eczema, and learn a few helpful hints for hand washing to keep a flare at bay. 



Avoid harsh detergents

One of the most frustrating things about using conventional hand soap when you have eczema is that all too often, the very ingredients that make it foam are the same ingredients that aggravate your skin condition. Harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) act as surfactants to bond ingredients like oil and water together, but they are irritating to skin, and can be even more so when used in conjunction with warm water. 

Hand holding soap bubbles


To avoid further aggravating eczema on hands, reach for a natural hand soap like L’AVANT Collective High Performing Hand Soap. This non toxic soap is formulated with plant based ingredients that are gentle on skin, yet highly effective on germs, dirt, and grime. We’ve formulated this eco-luxe hand soap formula with aloe vera and glycerin at its base to keep skin soft and comfortable, and gentle biodegradable surfactants to help L’AVANT hand soap foam without stripping skin of its critical moisture balance. And, to up the care-for-your-skin ante, we added calendula (aka, marigold flower), renowned for its ability to help speed skin healing and soothe eczema in particular. You’ll never miss SLS when you’ve got all this other good stuff in your refillable premium hand soap!

Always opt to go dye-free 

That eye-catching blue soap may look great with your bathroom tile, but just like harsh detergents, artificial dyes can aggravate eczema and irritated skin. Instead, reach for dye-free, gentle, plant based soap  that relies on natural ingredients to get hands clean without inflaming delicate skin conditions. 

Instead of colorful dyes, you’ll find L’AVANT Collective linen scented hand soap leaves hands delicately scented with our signature Fresh Linen fragrance. We’ve blended ylang-ylang and bamboo with pure essential oils of soothing lavender, basil and lemon oils to invigorate your senses. And we have it on good authority (see our customer reviews!) that the subtle aroma of freshly washed linens will make you look forward to washing your hands—no artificial dye required. 

L'AVANT Hand Soap & Discovery Bundle

Make L’AVANT travel soap a must-have 

One of the best hand soaps for eczema is the one that doesn’t aggravate your skin—and is with you wherever you go! We love keeping L’AVANT Collective travel sizes in our bags for whatever situation presents itself, because we know each formula is highly effective but safe for our health—including our skin.

The L’AVANT Collective Mini Travel Set features 2 oz. natural dish soap, non toxic multipurpose spray, and plant based hand soap, so you can wash your hands without fear of an eczema flare wherever you go. 

A few helpful hints for washing your hands if you have eczema: Always use your clean hand soap with lukewarm water (hot or cold water can cause irritation), gently pat dry (being too vigorous drying off can further aggravate eczema), and follow with a natural, non toxic moisturizer chock full of ultra emollient ingredients, like this one from Organic Bath Co. 

Once you’ve discovered L’AVANT Collective’s best hand soap for eczema, you may just want one of our refillable bottles on every counter in your home!


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