Welcome to Fall - Back to School!

For many of us, summer heralds an easier rhythm that we look forward to year after year. We become kids again ourselves, shaking off the routines of the previous months for longer days and balmy nights, for spontaneous adventures and all the messy, joyful memories they create. But as the calendar flips to September, we welcome the structure it brings: Houses swept clean of sand and grass, kitchens that gleam clean. If you’re getting set for back to school or just welcoming autumn’s more structured routine, we’re with you! Read on for how L’AVANT Collective can help get your home and your family ready for fall.

Coconut - plant based cleaners

Spills during school pick-ups and drop offs


Let’s face it: Spills happen. (As moms to three kids each, we know this all…too…well!) And whether they happen right as you’re doing school drop off or during school pick up, you need something quick, easy and effective to clean up the mess and get on with your day.

Enter L’AVANT Plant-Based Cleaning Wipes to the rescue. These thick, unscented cleaning wipes come in chic, resealable packaging (and are available as individual wipes, too!) so you won’t mind throwing them in your car or bag—but the best part is that they work. With a plant-based formula that wipes away messes and cleans surfaces in a swipe, your everyday “Oops!” are easier than ever to tackle. Bonus? Because they’re safe for people, pets, and the planet, you can feel great about handing them to the kids to help clean up after themselves—a habit we can get behind, each and every time.

After school arts, crafts, and science projects

Finger-paint. Glitter. Pipe cleaners. Paste. Whatever an after school art project or science experiment at home entails, chances are, there will be messy hands to wash and tables to wipe down.

Hand washing has never seemed so important than with the arrival of Covid-19, but harsh soaps and frequent hand washing can wreak havoc on hands of any age. Reach for L’AVANT Collective Hand Soap to clean up messy hands while helping keep them soft and gently scented with our signature natural Fresh Linen fragrance.

We may be slightly biased here, but we think our elevated aesthetic and refillable glass bottles make this eco-luxe hand soap a treat to use—plus, it works like a dream, with powerful but gentle plant-based ingredients that lather up beautifully and cleanse skin without stripping it of moisture. .

Welcoming autumn’s routine

Whether you have school-age kids or not, autumn still signals a shift in routine—a renewed focus and grounding of sorts. After the ease of summer days, it feels good to get our homes back to order and cleaned up for the cooler weather ahead.

Since the kitchen always ends up being the busiest room in the house, we love a good deep clean to start the season. From countertops and cabinets to the stove and sink (not to mention the refrigerator shelves), L’AVANT Multipurpose Cleaner takes clean to the next level with its highly effective natural cleaning formula and our proprietary Fresh Linen scent. Spray wherever you need to cut grease and grime or clean your kitchen surfaces, then feel free to leave this recycled plastic bottle out on your countertop for future use—it’s that good looking. And our favorite part? It’s refillable thanks to our amazing L’AVANT Multipurpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate, which comes in eco-luxe glass bottles for sustainability.

Coconut - plant based cleaners

Happy, mess-free hosting

What’s autumn without entertaining? From cozy nights sharing wine with friends to cooking celebratory holiday dinners, fall’s cooler temps send us into hosting mode. We love nothing more than gathering loved ones around—but first, we clean.

Have the kids or other family members help you prep your home for hosting by handing them L’AVANT Cleaning Wipes, then get your surfaces ready for food prep by wiping them down with our natural Multipurpose Cleaner. Top off our best-selling, reusable L’AVANT hand soap container in the powder room so your guests can wash up, and then break out our High Performing Dish Soap for the after dinner dishes.

We formulated this plant based dish soap to actually work the way you need it to—so you can skip the heavy lifting for dishes that feel, look and are clean, even from grease. And because our performance dish soap is infused with our signature, Fresh Linen scent, your whole kitchen will smell fresh and uplifting while you wash the dishes.

Back-to-school time can be a whole new adventure for any age, and we’re wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and c-l-e-a-n adventure ahead!

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