Ah, summer. We’re always happy to welcome its longer days, but this year, the promises of spontaneous road trips, vacations with loved ones and even frequenting our favorite ice cream shop seem sweeter than we can remember. But while we can’t wait to shake off some of our home-bound habits, we haven’t lost our zest for hand washing and wiping down surfaces—because dirt and sticky surfaces live everywhere, no matter what’s going on in the world! If you’re traveling this summer, we’ve got some recommendations to keep you safe and clean from life’s messes. Read on for more!

Grab these and go


Whether you’re wiping down the car seat, cleaning up your AirBnB or making your picnic a less sticky situation, L’AVANT Plant-Based Cleaning Wipes are designed to keep things neat and clean without dirtying up the environment. And as they’re made with natural ingredients, are unscented, and they’re also guilt-free!


We love this 3 pack so we can store them in the car, in our vacation rental and at home, but if you’re thinking of keeping a few handy in your purse or beach bag, we’ve also launched individually wrapped wipes to make cleaning up easy breezy (and plastic-free). Just open one of these luxuriously thick wipes, wipe down the high touch surfaces and keep yourself and your loved ones safe and clean from dirt and grime. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Traveling again calls for travel sizes


Weekend getaways call for carry-ons and weekender bags—and wouldn’t you rather pack something great to wear to dinner than a bag full of full-sized natural cleaning products? We would! So we created travel sizes of L’AVANT Collective High Performing Natural Dish Soap, Natural Multipurpose Cleaner, and Hand Soap to help keep you and your surroundings clean without weighing you down.


Because L’AVANT luxury natural cleaning products are highly effective, a little goes a long way—so whether you’re washing your hands, a sink full of dishes or spraying and wiping down countertops, toilet seats, airplane seats, spills or sticky floors, you’ll have plenty of L’AVANT to go around, even with these 4 oz. sizes. Just like our full-sized products, all of the products (except the Plant-Based Cleaning Wipes, which are unscented) in our L’AVANT Collective On-the-Go Bundle are formulated with our proprietary Fresh Linen scent—ideal for freshening up a rental space before you unpack and settle in.


The best part? You can refill these 4 oz. travel sizes from your L’AVANT full-sized products, so you’ll never have to hit the road without them again.

Happy, safe and healthy travels!




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