With 2023 in full swing, we’re pretty excited to report that we’ve been sticking to our New Year’s resolution. After all, this year’s is one we believe in living every day, though January certainly shines a spotlight on our renewed commitment to detoxing our home from questionable and harmful home cleaning ingredients. 

Haven’t made the home detox resolution yet? It’s never too late to join us here at L’AVANT Collective. This year, resolve to detox your home—and get ready to reap the benefits!

Clean white kitchen

Reach for L’AVANT hand soap

Let’s face it: Hand washing is still a crucial part of our daily lives, and it’s probably going to stay that way. So when sudsing up, why not consider reaching for non toxic hand soap infused with eco-friendly plant ingredients? 

L’AVANT Collective High Performing Natural Hand Soap is a highly concentrated formula infused with botanical ingredients to care for hands while cleansing them. Aloe vera and olive oil moisturize hands, so you can wash without worrying they’ll end up chapped and cracked. Antioxidant-rich green tea leaves help protect skin from aging free radicals, while marigold flower extract delivers naturally occurring anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory benefits. The best part? Your hands will be clean and gently scented with our proprietary natural linen scent, all without scary ingredients that may disrupt your skin, your hormones, or the planet. 

Wash dirty dishes with plant-based dish soap 

Next up in detoxing your home: Swapping out conventional dish soap for L’AVANT eco-friendly dish soap. If you think effective dish soap needs harsh, conventional ingredients that may aggravate skin or the environment, think again: Our luxury dish soap is made with gentle plant-based ingredients that work wonders on dirty dishes, easily cutting grease and then rinsing clean. 

And, because we know your hands are busy doing a million other things each day, we’ve infused  our linen scented dish soap with the same skin-loving ingredients as our hand soap: aloe vera to keep hands soft, for instance, plus basil, sage, lemon, and geranium oils for antibacterial and nourishing properties that are easy on delicate hands. 

And as your L’AVANT clean dish soap rinses down the drain, you can have peace of mind knowing it’s not going to harm our waterways. 

L'AVANT Natural hand soap and dish soap 

Give your surface a safe wipe down 

Harsh chemicals and fragrances can make handy wipes tough on surfaces—but they can also be hard on skin, eyes, noses, and throats. Ditch the conventional home cleaning wipes and opt for plant-based cleaning wipes that are safe enough for your home detox resolution, but still do a great job wiping down messes.

L’AVANT Collective Plant-Based Cleaning Wipes are the ideal on-the-go cleaning solution for wiping down tables are restaurants, airplane seats, car interiors, and throughout the home. Powered by plant-based ingredients like citrus, honeysuckle flower extract, and coconut, these multipurpose cleaning wipes get the job done—and because they’re unscented, they won’t aggravate sensitive noses. Consider these your travel friendly detox cleaning option!

Spray your way to non-toxic clean 

Finally, detoxing your home wouldn’t be complete without a sustainable cleaner you can spray on multiple surfaces. Reach for the fresh linen-scented L’AVANT Natural Multipurpose Cleaner to remove grease, grime, fingerprints (so many fingerprints!), muddy paw prints—whatever your family can throw at your countertops, appliances, faucets and other surfaces. 

Ingredients like lemon and lavender provide naturally occurring antibacterial power while helping to calm and uplift the senses—who doesn’t want a little aromatherapy when they clean?—and basil, geranium, and sage extracts combat germs and soothe your state of mind. 


Making a resolution to detox your home in 2023 doesn’t have to mean sacrificing a highly effective clean. With plant-based cleaning products like safe laundry detergent from L’AVANT Collective, you may just wonder what took you so long to give plants a try!

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