Late spring heralds the arrival of “moving season,” when more people move house than any other time of year. From now through the end of summer, new homeowners will be packing, unpacking, and throwing housewarming parties. If you’ve been lucky enough to receive an invite to a loved one’s new home but aren’t sure what to give as a housewarming gift, we’ve got some ideas sure to put you at the top of the “best gift giver” list. The best gifts for the new homeowners in your life begin with performance cleaning products and natural home goods that elevate their space–and these gifts are so good, you may want to treat yourself while you’re at it!

For the Busy Household 

Heading to a new home that you know will be bustling with laughter, deliciously prepared food, and a good time just waiting to happen? We created the L’AVANT Collective Home Essentials Bundle with such a place in mind. 

Busy households need natural home cleaning products that work. This carefully curated bundle features our best-selling L’AVANT Collective plant based hand soap, non toxic dish soap, biodegradable cleaning wipes, and natural multi-purpose cleaner.

Home Essentials Bundle


In their beautiful black and white refillable glass bottles with brushed gold accents, the dish and hand soaps instantly elevate any countertop, while the slender refillable spray bottle in its neutral hue is worthy of precious counterspace, as well. But it’s what’s inside that will have your loved ones singing their praises: These luxury cleaning products can perform as well as–and even better than! –conventional products, all while utilizing the power of plant based ingredients that are gentle on skin, eyes, lungs, and our planet. Our proprietary soothing Fresh Linen scent infuses the soaps and cleaner, instantly revitalizing any space. Last but not least, the resealable package of luxury cleaning wipes protects them from drying out, so these unscented wipes can clean countertops, tables, sinks, refrigerators and anything else your new homeowners need, all in a single sweep. (Bonus: these wipes are ideal for getting little hands involved in the clean-up game!)

For the Pet Owner 

Moving with a pet can be its own challenge. Dogs and cats may feel out of sorts as they get to know their new space, and that may lead to accidents, stress shedding, or other anxious behavior that requires more under-blanket snuggles to calm them down. If the new homeowners have furry friends in the house, give them the gift of L’AVANT Collective Luxury Laundry Essentials Bundle to keep beds, blankets, and clothing clean, soft, and fur-free. 

Luxury Laundry Essentials Bundle


Available in either unscented or Fresh Linen, L’AVANT Collective  natural laundry detergent uses the power of plants to gently yet effectively wash clothes and bedding from dirt, fur, stains, and odor, leaving them soft and clean–and it even works in low temperatures. Housed in an elegant L’AVANT Collective bottle (no garish colors here!), it will elevate any laundry room while saving them money–just a little goes a long way. This bundle also includes natural wool dryer balls to help their laundry dry faster and static-free while picking up excess pet hair, leaving laundry soft and cozy without the negative environmental impact of single-use dryer sheets. And with a few drops of our Fresh Linen-scented laundry oil, they can still enjoy that fresh-out-of-the-dryer scent. Lastly, 2 mesh laundry bags keep delicates safe from wear and tear. The perfect housewarming gift for every member of the family!

For the Spa Lover 

If the new homeowner in your life lives for at-home spa treatments or just loves creating a cozy atmosphere, gift them our best-selling L’AVANT Collective room fragrance products. 

When our customers begged for a Linen Scent candle, we listened: We created a non toxic candle made of a sustainable and natural soy and coconut blend free of paraffin, phthalates, and parabens, available in elegant white or black matte glass. Each candle is gift-ready in its own L’AVANT Collective box, and is as beautiful in a living room as it is in a powder room or burning while soaking in the tub. 

Room Spray + Candle Bundle


Since the launch of our candles, we’ve had even more requests for all things Fresh Linen-scented–our customers can’t get enough of the delicate notes of ylang-ylang, bamboo, lavender and geranium! For new homeowners who crave a longer lasting fragrance experience, our stunning Aera Mini Diffuser and Fresh Linen Capsule Bundle allows for long-lasting, hypoallergenic fragrance distribution that can be controlled with the touch of an app. The capsules last for about 60 days, making this a housewarming gift that keeps on giving. Lastly, a beautifully packaged bottle of L’AVANT Fresh Linen Room Spray elevates any room with both scent and stunning packaging–and you can double the “wow” factor with our room spray and candle bundle

With these elegantly packaged natural cleaning products from L’AVANT Collective, you’ll be giving the best housewarming gifts to the new homeowners in your life! 

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