The winter doldrums may be knocking on your door, but this year, we have the antidote! Let it rain, howl, and snow outside—with a few mindful tricks for burning our best-selling L’AVANT candles, you can ignite cozy vibes that will have you grateful it’s winter. (Really!) 

Light L’AVANT candles in place of firewood 

Running low on firewood but still want to create a relaxing, cozy atmosphere? Scatter a number of L’AVANT Collective candles inside your fireplace for instant mood lighting. We love to do this when we’re entertaining, because the flames still create a beautiful glow without throwing heat—perfect for a room full of revelers who don’t necessarily need the extra warmth. And with the gentle, clean smell of our proprietary fresh linen scent, your home will smell amazing without overpowering your guests. 

Use them as part of your meditation practice 

Whether you’re new to meditation or it’s already part of your daily life, setting your intention by lighting a candle can be a beautiful addition to mark the beginning and end of your practice. 

Light your L’AVANT candle in your favorite home meditation space, and take a few minutes to get quiet and comfortable. Focus your gaze on the flame and let it relax you. Then, set your intention for your practice and begin. When you’re finished, you can mark the end of your practice by extinguishing the flame, or keep the good vibes flowing by letting it burn and enjoying the soft fresh linen scent. 

L'AVANT Candles

Get your powder room glowing 

Is it just us, or do you also love restaurant bathrooms for their dim lighting and flickering candlelight? There’s something about a tiny space illuminated by a flame that feels elevated—and since we’re all about elevated design, we made sure L’AVANT candles are as beautiful on the outside as they are within. Matte white or black glass containers work with any decor, and house our 100% natural blend of coconut and soy wax for a clean, even burn. 

These non-toxic, paraffin-, phthalate-, and paraben-free candles throw delicate notes of ylang-ylang and bamboo with essential oils for a sophisticated scent that won’t overwhelm your guests, but will create instant ambiance in your powder room. 

Cozy up the kitchen 

It wasn’t enough for us to create beautifully designed, natural home cleaning products that you don’t mind leaving out on your counter. We love a clean kitchen, but we really love a clean and cozy kitchen—so we created our best-selling L’AVANT candles to keep the fresh linen scent going long after the dishes are done. 

Light up a L’AVANT candle in the kitchen to scatter its delicate scent throughout your home. Whether you’re cooking dinner, entertaining, or enjoying a glass of wine at the end of a long day, their streamlined aesthetic and fresh linen fragrance will lend an instant pick-me-up to your surroundings—and have everyone asking you what smells so good! 

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