Part of our commitment in launching L’AVANT Collective was to make non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for everyone in our homes to use, and better for the planet, too. As part of this promise to be an eco-friendly home cleaning brand, we designed refillable glass bottles for our plant-based multipurpose cleaner, natural hand soap and eco-luxe dish soap. (Plus, let’s be real, we couldn’t possibly part with these gorgeous bottles!). While we are doing our part to work towards bringing more sustainable cleaning items to you, we also wanted to introduce you to some other brands the offer refills on everyday products that you might enjoy!! 


Lipstick Refills - La Bouche Rouge, Paris 



Who knew lipstick could be refillable AND in gorgeous packaging?  With an expansive selection of colors, this clean beauty lipstick refill option from La Bouche Rouge Paris tops our list of favorites to wear.  The initial tube of lipstick comes in a leather case and the eco friendly refill can be purchased separately.  The lipstick formula is vegan, cruelty-free and without beeswax. We are big fans over here of the refill color 'Folie' which transitions from daytime to nighttime, seamlessly. 


Pen Refills - Caran D'Ach

We love a good refillable pen around here at L'AVANT. One of our favorites is by Caran D'Ache.  Known for their luxury writing tools, Caran D' Ache created this limited edition, brute rose ballpoint pen at a price point most of us can handle ($54.50).   Refills available at 


Deodorant Refills - Myro Vegan Deodorant


Deodorant comes in all different shapes and sizes these days.  Gone are the days where it is a one size fits all and only available in one time use plastic vessels.  We love this plant-powered, aluminum free deodorant by Myro which comes in a variety refills and different versions of natural scents. With 24 hour protection, and 50% less plastic, this deodorant is a fan fav around our office.  The 'Big Dipper' scent is one of our personal favorites as it is mellow yet also filled with a flair of freshness. 


Cleaning Product Refills - L'AVANT Collective



Just in time to celebrate Earth Day 2021, we’re thrilled to announce that our L’AVANT Collective Multipurpose Refills have arrived! 


Now, our vision for sustainable home cleaning products has reached the next level with our L’AVANT Collective refills—and they’re in stock, so you never have to be without your favorite green cleaning products. In our signature Fresh Linen scent, these products are made to reduce plastic waste and conserve water while still delivering the exceptional cleaning power associated with L’AVANT Collective.

 Housed in a recyclable glass bottle, our 1 oz. concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner refill (or as some call, a 'shot' of goodness) can be mixed with water for a full bottle of cleaner. Love the idea, but don’t have an existing bottle to refill? You can purchase a refillable clear glass bottle or clear recyclable plastic bottle and keep using it for years to come.

 Both our plant-based dish soap and non-toxic hand soap refills are equal to two L’Avant Collective 16 oz. glass bottles— so you can keep on washing, sudsing and smelling what one of our customer reviews deemed “the most lovely, sophisticated scent…!”

We’re so excited to bring these earth friendly cleaning products to you in sizes that reduce waste and perform to our incredibly high standards. Plus, we kind of have to admit that the recyclable refill bottles are pretty enough to leave out on any open shelf space. We wouldn’t be L’Avant if they weren’t beautifully designed, right?

 We hope these fun refill ideas find their way to you in time for Earth Day! Here’s to Mother Earth, and here’s to doing our small part in taking care of her, every day.

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