What They Are, How They’re Better & Why You’ll Want to Use Them

For years, it seemed that plant-based cleaning products got a bad rap. Sure, they were safe to use, but many people struggled to find formulas that were shelf stable or effective enough to address their house cleaning needs. Today, however, consumer demand for natural, non-toxic formulas that work as well—or better—than conventional ones has led to plant-based cleaning products that surpass expectations. It’s that commitment to surpassing expectations (and helping to set the bar higher) that led us to found L’AVANT Collective. So, what exactly are plant-based cleaning products? Read on to learn more—and get ready to make the switch from conventional to clean and natural. 


Coconut - plant based cleaners


Safe Surfactants

Our plant-based cleaning formulas use surfactants—agents that help increase the “wetness” of a product— derived from the sugars of coconuts, corn or palm kernel oil. L’AVANT Collective uses plant-based surfactants that are gentle on the eyes, nose, lungs and skin of humans and animals alike…but they still work wonders to generate lather, foam or increase the viscosity of a formula so it spreads easily (think “a little goes a long way”). And just as our plant-based surfactants are gentler on humans and animals, they’re also safer for the environment. 

Environmentally-Friendly Ingredients

Turn over a L’AVANT Collective bottle and you’ll see plant-based ingredients you can not only pronounce, but that you recognize. One of these ingredients is the aloe vera. We chose to incorporate aloe into our formulas not only because of its gentle nature (hello, skin healing wonder plant!) but because it also boats antibacterial properties—ideal for high performing, natural cleaning.


L’AVANT Collective cleaners with friendly ingredients

Effective, Earth Friendly Formulas

When we created L’AVANT Collective, we knew we wanted to formulate home cleaning products that would not only look beautiful when left out on countertops, but that would do what we needed them to do—all while being safe for our families, our pets, and the planet. After all, as mothers of 3 children each, we know it’s our responsibility to protect the earth they’ll inherit. So, our products are free of artificial fragrance, parabens, phosphates and phthalates. And did we mention we never test on animals…ever? While your home gets cleaner the earth stays safer.

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