The holiday season is only weeks away, and whether you’re visiting friends for a holiday weekend cocktail or sitting down with loved ones for a beautiful dinner, L’AVANT Collective has everything you need to show your gratitude. Go ahead and elevate your host gifting game—we’ve got you covered for every festive occasion. 

Limited Edition Winter Fir Collection

Ditch the bottle of wine this year for hostess gifts, bring the Limited Edition Winter Fir Collection as a hostess present for gatherings where you want to be remembered.

All the eco-friendly goodness of L’AVANT high performing luxury dish soap, hand soap and a candle are now available in our limited edition Winter Fir scent to cozy up countertops for the winter and beyond. Made with 100% natural fragrance, this collection presents with subtle notes of cedar, fir, balsam, and sandalwood blend in a lush, delicate scent that’s pitch-perfect for the season. We love the refined look and feel of these beautiful matte green glass bottles with gold accents that will definitely hold their own with your holiday décor. Too good not to share, our holiday duo makes a wonderful gift. And don’t forget to treat yourself!

Winter Fir Collection by L'AVANT Collective

The L’AVANT Fresh Linen Collective Candle 

There’s a reason our first ever L’AVANT Fresh Linen candle sold out within days of launching: Not only does it come in elegant matte black or white glass, but with its blend of sustainable and natural 100% soy and coconut wax, our candles are non-toxic and paraffin, phthalate, and paraben free. And that Fresh Linen signature scent you love in our natural cleaning products? Yep, these candles have that, too. Made of delicate notes of ylang-ylang, bamboo, and pure essential oils of soothing lavender and geranium, these candles throw the perfect amount of scent to create instant ambience. And because it’s housed in our elevated packaging, you can even skip the gift wrap on the L’AVANT candle. Just gift and go! 

L'AVANT Fresh Linen Candle (black)

The Clear Glass Bottle & Soap Refill 

Unsure if your holiday host would prefer white or black glass packaging? Now you don’t have to guess. Our reusable, elegant clear glass bottles with a brushed gold accent are back in stock and ready to grace any sink in your host’s home. 

Made with the most durable glass to prevent breakage, this 16 oz. content-free, refillable glass bottle looks beautiful wherever it finds a home. Pair it with one of our 32 oz. natural dish soap or non-toxic hand soap refill bottles for a gorgeous host gift that keeps on giving—and lends a bit of sustainability to the holiday season, too. 

Clear glass bottle & soap refill


The Home Essentials Bundle 

Looking for a host gift that makes a statement? Reach for our Home Essentials Bundle, a full-size sampling of our customer favorite L’AVANT Collective natural cleaning products. 

These plant-based alternatives are everything your host needs for green cleaning: Our natural hand soap, eco-friendly dish soap, biodegradable cleaner, and luxury cleaning wipes. Level up their cleaning game with these reusable and elegant glass bottles and Fresh Linen-scented products made without the harmful ingredients. What better way to say “thanks for having us”? 

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