School is back in session, and for many of us, that means major shifts in the daily routines we enjoyed all summer. These adjustments don’t have to mean sacrificing a clean home, however. In just a few minutes, after school messes from tired and hungry family members can be cleaned up and surfaces can be wiped down to get ready for dinnertime, thanks to our favorite organic cleaning products. Here are our top picks for non-toxic cleaners for after school messes–and thanks to our gentle plant-based formulas, they’re safe enough for little helpers to use, too. 

Post-snack spills and stickiness? Reach for these cleaning wipes

From overflowing juice boxes and soda spills to juicy fruit slices and crumbling chips, the messy wake of the after school snack is an all too common occurrence in our homes! But the post-snack situation doesn’t have to be messy for long, thanks to L’AVANT Collective Plant-Based Cleaning Wipes. Thick enough to stand up to multi-surface cleaning yet eco-friendly enough to be biodegradable, these multi-purpose cleaning wipes are unscented to be gentle on sensitive skin and sensitive surfaces.


We formulated these travel friendly, luxury cleaning wipes with powerful plant-based ingredients like coconuts, corn, and other eco-friendly solvents, plus honeysuckle flower extract to be gentle on skin. These pre-moistened premium cleaning wipes come in their own storage packs that flip open, making them ideal for even your little helpers to get into the habit of cleaning up after themselves–just pull out a wipe and get to cleaning! And because they’re non-toxic, you don’t have to worry about paws coming into contact with freshly cleaned surfaces. 

Freshen the room while keeping surfaces clean

Looking to elevate the chore of cleaning up after school messes? Reach for L’AVANT Collective Multipurpose Surface Cleaner. This natural multi-purpose cleaner gently yet effectively wipes down surfaces, working on hard-to-remove grease, grime, and dirt on multiple surfaces throughout your home and leaving behind the subtle yet uplifting Fresh Linen scent that’s become a crowd-pleaser among our customers. 

Spray this non-toxic refillable cleaner wherever there are spills, splatters, and smudges, then wipe down to clean. We even love how this surface cleaner performs on windows and other glass! And because we want to be eco-conscious, we refill our luxury trigger-spray bottle with L’AVANT Collective multipurpose concentrate refills. These highly concentrated 1 oz. eco-luxe glass bottles are easier on the environment to store and ship, and generate less plastic waste. Just empty a single refill into your L’AVANT spray bottle, add 15 oz. of water, and wipe down countertops, tables, windows, mirrors, and more while enjoying the sophisticated blend of essential oils that’s at the heart of our Fresh Linen scent. 



If you’re tackling an exceptional after school mess like grape juice–or a happy hour mess like red wine!--check the care instructions on your surfaces. If your surface can withstand gentle abrasion, add a tablespoon of baking soda to the area you need to treat, then spray with L’AVANT Collective Multipurpose Surface Cleaner. Allow to set for a few minutes, then gently rub with a sponge or microfiber cloth. Spray once more to lift any remaining baking soda and wipe down one final time. Voila! A gentle and natural stain remover. 

However you clean up after school messes, you can rely on L’AVANT Collective to deliver a plant-based multipurpose cleaner that’s safe enough for your entire family to use and enjoy. And with its elevated packaging, L’AVANT will keep counters looking sophisticated, no matter how much juice gets spilled before dinner. 

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