Just a few short days separate us from our winter habits and spring’s promise. Gone are the days that fade far too quickly into nighttime; the windows shut against the damp winter chill; the crumbs that have gone unnoticed under the stove, save for the dog giving a valiant effort to reach them with his tongue. Spring is here, and that means windows thrown open, the first dinners al fresco (I’m not shivering, you’re shivering!) and the two words that make our collective hearts skip a beat: spring cleaning!

While it’s no secret how much we at L’AVANT Collective love a clean, organized space, it’s hard to overstate how much we really, really love a good reason to go all out with non-toxic cleaning. If you’re not as excited as we are about cleaning your house, allow us to try and motivate you. We’re diving in to the where and how of non-toxic spring cleaning along with some fabulous eco-friendly additions for your cleaning basket linked below. Grab your L’AVANT Collective eco-luxe cleaning products and join us!

 The Kitchen

Grab your reusable duster and dust your ceiling, tops of cabinets and refrigerator, light fixtures and ceiling fans, ceiling and walls (yep, even your walls). Then, remove knick-knacks, cooking books, photos, plants…anything that’s displayed on a surface. Wipe each down with a reusable paper towel and L’AVANT Collective Natural Multipurpose Cleaner, then spray shelving, cabinets and countertops with the cleaner and wipe down. Remove pantry items from shelving, utensils and kitchen gadgets from drawers and cabinets and clean with L’AVANT’s non-toxic multipurpose cleaner, as well. Finally, focus on your fridge by removing food and wiping down shelving and readying food you’re not using for the compost bin.  Our Multipurpose Surface Cleaner can tackle each of these surfaces and spaces.  No need for multiple products for your different surfaces!

We do always recommend doing an out-of-sight spot test on different surfaces to ensure they’re compatible with any kind of cleaning spray; if your paint finish allows, spray the plant-based multipurpose cleaner around high traffic areas like light switches, wall corners that get a lot of “attention” and anywhere smaller hands have a habit of reaching. Give those smaller hands their own reusable paper towel and have yourself a spring cleaning competition!

 Lastly, sweep, vacuum and then mop your floors with your reusable mop and some castile soap and water.   Admire your work and pat yourself on the back for being an eco-friendly spring cleaning warrior. And now, on to the bathroom…

 The Bathroom

First, gather towels, washcloths, window treatments or bath mats and throw them in the laundry. Then, spray down surfaces with L’AVANT Multipurpose Cleaner. Pause and think how good your bathroom smells right now. (So good, right?) Wipe down countertops, faucets, sinks and bathtubs and showers. Add a few sprinkles of baking soda to the tub and sinks and scrub with your reusable sponge or scrubbing brush; add some baking soda to your drains and follow with white vinegar to help clear any clogs or smells. You can even use L’AVANT Multipurpose Cleaner to clean the inside of your toilet! Just spray into the toilet bowl, let sit a few minutes and scrub with your toilet brush.  Wipe down the outside of the bowl (handle, tank, seat, behind the bowl) with the multi purpose

 The Family Room

 Run the vacuum over the floors, rugs and upholstered furniture. Grab your duster again and go over the walls, ceiling, light fixtures and ceiling fans, and any other furniture, shelving and or fireplace mantles. Wipe down knick-knacks and objects. Continue on to surfaces, countertops, doorknobs and light switches.

Launder any blinds, curtains or drapes, along with any blankets or throw pillows.

Now! Stand back—or rather, sit down, you’ve more than earned it—and admire your handiwork. We love a good natural spring cleaning because it closes the door on winter and opens the windows on spring’s sunshine…and the promise of a new season. Here’s to the healthy, “normal” (fingers crossed) warmer months!

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