Here at L’AVANT Collective, we’re known for high performing, plant-based natural cleaning products housed in elevated packaging. We’re also known for our customer favorite Fresh Linen scent that makes cleaning up uplifting. So you can imagine what a big deal it is for us to launch a NEW proprietary scent: Blushed Bergamot. Read on to discover all there is to love about the entire L’AVANT Collective Blushed Bergamot line of eco friendly cleaning products, and what you can expect now that it's here. (Hint: We think you can expect to love it as much as we do!)

What does Blushed Bergamot smell like? 

We formulated our NEW Blushed Bergamot scent with the same care and commitment to using natural ingredients as we did with our Fresh Linen scent. Using a proprietary blend of essential oils, we’ve created an uplifting citrusy scent that’s grounded by a slight earthiness. Notes of bergamot dance with orange blossom, amber, and cedar, creating a summery-like fragrance with an earthy edge. The result is a spa-like scent for dishes, hands, and countertops. 

And, because we love elevated design, we’ve packaged this new line of eco luxe cleaning products in stunning new blush and white bottles with brushed gold and black accents–an elegant upgrade for any countertop. 

Which natural cleaning products are available in Blushed Bergamot scent? 

Our new line of Blushed Bergamot natural cleaning products includes our L’AVANT Collective performance dish soap, premium hand soap, biodegradable cleaner, and refills. That means whatever mess you’re tackling, you and your family can clean up with plant-based, eco-friendly cleaning products in the uplifting scent of Blushed Bergamot, in new sophisticated packaging in white and soft blush shades. 

Blushed Bergamot Collection

But the best part about our new Blushed Bergamot line? It performs every bit as well as our other L’AVANT Collective plant-based cleaning products–and they’re every bit as safe for everyone in your household, including your pets. 

Where can I buy Blushed Bergamot natural cleaning products?

Our entire line of Blushed Bergamot high quality cleaning products can be found right on our site. Here, you’ll find our favorite Home Essential Bundle, our one-and-done bundle that has everything you need for cleaning your home in an eco friendly way. This bundle includes the L’AVANT Collective Multipurpose Surface Cleaner, High Performing Hand Soap, High Performing Dish Soap, and Plant-Based Cleaning Wipes. 

Once you’ve purchased this all-you-need bundle (or individual non toxic cleaning products), you can refill your beautiful bottles and wipes with our environmentally refills, which cut down on excess plastic waste and water. And, our formulas are concentrated, so a little goes a long way to keeping your countertops, dishes, hands, and high-touch surfaces clean and beautiful. 

Whichever new L’AVANT Collective Blushed Bergamot products you choose for your home, you can trust they’ll be high performing, non toxic, and beautifully packaged–not to mind gently scented with a bright citrusy aroma. And because these natural cleaning products are made to be safe for people and pets, everyone in your family can help clean up everyday messes without worry.

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