Let’s face it: We’re a multitasking bunch, we humans. We don’t always like to be, but on any given day, we may be found answering a work call while walking the dog, eating a quick bite while driving, or texting someone while in mid-conversation with someone else (guilty!). Life moves quickly, and sometimes, multitasking makes us feel like we’re catching up. So it makes sense that sometimes, we need our natural home cleaning products to multitask, as well. We developed L’AVANT Collective eco luxe dish soap to handle whatever we threw at it, and the result is a natural dish soap formula that leaves even greasy, caked on dishes sparkling clean. So why not apply that same magic to a clogged toilet? Here’s how to unclog a toilet with dish soap, using L’AVANT’s best-selling non toxic dish soap formula. 

Why does dish soap work to unclog a toilet? 

With more and more information coming out about the toxic chemicals that make their way into our water supply and can build up to harm the environment, many of us are searching for ways to clean our homes with non toxic home cleaning solutions. 

As it turns out, you can actually unclog a toilet with dish soap instead of turning to a harsh, toxic bowl cleaner. Just as natural dish soap helps break down dirt, grease, and food that may be stuck on dishes and utensils, it can help break down what’s in your toilet bowl. The important thing is to reach for a non toxic dish soap that, once it’s flushed and enters the water supply, will be safe for animals and the planet. And of course, you also want one that doesn’t irritate your eyes, lungs, or skin in the process, as well. 

L'AVANT Dish Soap


L’AVANT Collective Natural Dish Soap was formulated to be incredibly powerful on dirty dishes, but noticeably gentle on your skin and the environment. Whether you reach for the best-selling Fresh Linen scent or the limited edition Winter Fir, you will benefit from the power of this plant-based eco luxe dish soap–whether you use it at the kitchen sink, or in the bathroom! 

How to unclog a toilet with dish soap 

Now that you’ve found the best natural cleaning products brand, it’s time to learn how to unclog a toilet with dish soap

We like to use dish soap in the toilet overnight. The toilet will get less use, and it can sit for hours without being disturbed. To begin, measure out a ½ C. of L’AVANT Collective Natural Dish Soap. Then, pour a gallon of hot water into a bucket. You want to be careful that it’s not boiling, as in some rare instances, introducing boiling water to your toilet bowl can actually cause it to crack. Instead, get hot water from the tap. 



Now that you have your hot water ready, pour the L’AVANT natural dish soap into the toilet bowl (not the tank). Then, pour the hot water into the toilet, taking care not to splash yourself. Let it sit. You may start to notice improvement in as little as 15 minutes, though that is the minimum time your dish soap should sit in the toilet. Again, we prefer to let it sit overnight whenever possible. 

Once enough time has passed, go ahead and flush your toilet. You may be pleasantly surprised at how well this non toxic dish soap unclogs your toilet! And, because of the proprietary blend of essential oils that scent L’AVANT Collective products, you may also be surprised at how pleasant this particular toilet cleaner smells–no harsh chemical scents here! 

Flushing toilet


A multitasking, natural home cleaning product can make your daily life that much easier…and, dare we say, pleasant, too! For all of life’s daily messes, L’AVANT Collective has an answer. And you can bet it’s available in a countertop-worthy bottle, too. 

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