We’ve all been there: What starts out as a clean bedroom at the beginning of the week suddenly looks like a cluttered mess by the time Friday night rolls around—and the last thing we want to do is spend our precious weekends tackling the clutter. If you want to stop the cycle of this stress-inducing mess, read on. We’ve compiled our favorite tips on how to declutter your bedroom and keep it that way, so you can reclaim your weekend for the fun stuff.


Make it a regular occurrence

We know we should keep on top of bedroom clutter regularly, but sometimes, our best-laid plans fall by the wayside. Instead of dreading the 30 minute clean-up that your bedroom requires, however, you can break it up into 10 minute segments throughout the week. This makes decluttering your bedroom feel far less daunting, and will keep it looking tidy throughout the week.

Your first priority for your 10 minute clean-up (aside from queuing up your favorite podcast, of course) is to start with your nightstands. Remove anything that shouldn’t be there or that makes the surface look cluttered, and toss or recycle what no longer serves its purpose (we see those back issues of The New Yorker!). Open nightstand drawers and make sure they’re free of items that can be thrown out or recycled. Move on to dressers, tables, or any other surfaces that have accumulated things that don’t belong.

Next, grab a laundry basket or other catch-all and put misplaced items in it to return to their correct places. Clothes, books—whatever has found its way to your bedroom that shouldn’t be there. Walk your basket from room to room, depositing things in their correct places as you go.

Clothes piled on top of your hamper? Hang up any clean items and throw in a load of laundry to free up space in your hamper. You’re now ready for your next step in decluttering your closet.


Streamline your closet

If that full hamper is any indication, you probably (like most of us!) have more than enough clothes. Make decluttering easy by streamlining your closet regularly and purging it of items you no longer wear—or have been hanging onto “just in case.” The more room you have in your closet, the less chance your clothes will end up on other surfaces throughout your bedroom.

And remember: A little time now goes a long way in helping you stay clutter-free and organized later. If during the week your folded clothes have become rumpled and piles are slumping over, take a few minutes now to re-fold and straighten them now. You’ll be so much less stressed in the morning when you can actually see your clothes clearly!

Clothes hanging

Give everything its own place  

Bedroom clutter can come in all shapes and sizes, and even small items can add up to a messy space. To keep things easy, commit to giving everything its own place. Tiny dishes or bowls make pretty and functional catch-alls for hair ties, jewelry, supplements, and lip balms. Woven baskets are ideal for folding and holding blankets or extra pillows. By simply dropping items in these containers, you’re keeping them within easy reach while keeping your bedroom looking clean and decluttered—and that makes for a much more serene space.


Choose furniture that does double duty

Last but not least, consider bedroom furniture that does double duty: A bed with built-in storage drawers for sheets, blankets, or out-of-season clothing; a trunk or bench at the foot of the bed that holds pillows and blankets; an ottoman that stores the many (many!) books you’ve been precariously stacking on your nightstand.


Creative solutions like furniture with built-in storage can really make a difference in decluttering your bedroom while still creating a cozy, peaceful ambience. After all, your bedroom should be a place of respite, not a source of stress. By taking 10 minutes out of your day just  3-4 times a week, you can declutter your bedroom—and your mind—and start enjoying your beautiful sleep space, once more.

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