Happy Earth Day!

Today, we’re thanking Mother Earth for her abundant blessings, taking a few extra moments to get outside and dreaming of new ways to treat our beautiful Earth even better. And speaking of treating our planet well, if you’ve ever wondered just how L’AVANT Collective incorporates sustainability into our business, here are some of our favorite ways we employ earth-friendly practices, every day. 


Coconut - plant based cleaners


Eco-friendly packing materials

When we created L’AVANT Collective, we knew we wanted our non-toxic cleaning products to be eco-friendly. It didn’t make sense to us to work so hard on our formulas to be safe for the environment, only to ignore how we packed them up to ship them out. We have always wanted each avenue of our business to reflect our care for our planet, and how our products reach our customers was no exception.

So, what’s a company of luxury plant-based cleaning products to do? We made a commitment to eco-friendly packing materials for every purchase. Each L’AVANT order is lovingly packed in compostable packaging peanuts and recyclable tissue paper, then put into recyclable shipping boxes and sealed with recyclable shipping tape. When your L’AVANT order reaches your doorstep, you can then add the packing materials right to your recycling bin.  Or for any even more fun experiment – place the packing peanuts in your sink, turn on your water and watch them magically disappear!  They are made from corn and dissolve in water! It’s that easy.

Plant-based formulas

We love and honor the wisdom of nature. Is there anything more beautiful? We’ve harnessed this wisdom in our plant-based cleaning formulas because we know how powerful botanical ingredients can be. Each L’AVANT Collective product has been painstakingly created to perform as well as—or better than!—conventional cleaning products, but you can trust that our plant-based ingredients are gentle on you,  your family and the planet, all while performing to our high standards.


Coconut - plant based cleaners

Plant-based wipes

As the mothers of three kids each, we are well-versed in using wipes to clean up. (So. Much. Cleaning. Up.) We also know that many wipes can clog drains and not break down for years, leaving behind a mess for the environment. Our L’AVANT Collective Plant-Based Cleaning Wipes are unscented and you can use them as often as you need to without guilt.

Plastic-free options

 Our glass bottles aren’t just designed to elevate your countertops—they’re also a beautiful plastic-free option that will last forever (or close to it!) and cut down on plastic waste. We love the black and white glass options, but also offer gorgeous clear glass bottles if that’s more your thing. Which brings us to our next earth-friendly offering…


Coconut - plant based cleaners


Concentrates and refills 

 We offer refills for those beautifully designed glass bottles! Our concentrates and refills help conserve water and cut down on plastic waste.

 Each refill bottle equals two bottles of dish or hand soap; you can just add water to our concentrated 1 oz. Multipurpose Cleaner Refill for a full-size bottle of your favorite spray cleaner.

Subscription services

 We’ve launched L’AVANT Collective Clean Subscription services so you never have to be without your favorite plant-based cleaning products. But subscriptions also offer a more eco-friendly option to repeat one-off purchases: They help cut down on shipping by ensuring all the products you need ship together at a particular time.

However you celebrate Earth Day, we hope you get to enjoy a few precious moments with all the gifts our incredible planet has to offer.

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