Announcing: The L’AVANT Collective Candle


You asked. We listened. And now, as a show of our gratitude for your overwhelming support and engagement, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our first ever L’AVANT Collective candle!


Just in time for autumn’s cool temps, our plant-based soy and coconut wax blend candle is infused with our 100% natural Fresh Linen scent—the perfect accompaniment to cozy nights at home, gatherings with loved ones, or for a much-needed “let’s all chill out” vibe. And, because you know we care about the health of people, pets, and the planet, L’AVANT candles are non-toxic and paraffin, phthalate, and paraben free.


As with anything L’AVANT, you know we had to make this plant-based candle look as good as it smells, and we may be biased…but we think it’s gorgeous! Sophisticated, simple, and chic, our L’AVANT Collective Fresh Linen candle comes in a choice of black or white glass to complement our black and white natural eco-luxe cleaning products. 


With the holidays around the corner, we made sure to package the L’AVANT candle in individual boxes. It looks so good, you may just want to skip the whole gift wrapping thing (you’re welcome!)—or keep few for yourself to burn in your kitchen, living room, or bathroom.


This new release is available now to all L'AVANT Customers.  If you haven’t signed up for emails or SMS texts yet, now’s your chance to get in all things L’AVANT: new releases, special discounts, and everything that’s happening in the world of our eco-friendly cleaning products and home goods.


Sign up today and score your NEW L’AVANT Collective Fresh Linen Candle. Trust us—you don’t want to miss this!

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