When you think about a spa treatment, what comes to mind? For us, it’s not solely about the treatment itself (though that, of course, is always a treat!) –it’s also about how relaxing the space is to spend time in. From minimalist decor and greenery to scents that ease whatever burden we’re carrying, spas have a way of hitting the reset button so we can keep going. There’s no reason we can’t recreate a spa experience at home, of course, and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming to do so. Here are our favorite five ways to transform your bathroom into a spa–and once you do, you may wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Upgrade Your Dispensers

The first step to creating your own spa bathroom? Streamlining your sink–and that means upgrading your soap dispensers from off-the-shelf plastic to eco-friendly hand soap in elegant, refillable glass bottles. Available in white matte, black matte, and clear glass options to meet every aesthetic,  L’AVANT Collective glass bottles instantly upgrade your countertop, creating a luxurious and spa-like sink space. It’s pretty amazing what a beautiful bottle can do! And because these bottles can be used repeatedly with our Fresh Linen-scented luxury hand soap, you’re not only creating a spa-like bathroom experience, you’re doing the planet a favor, as well. Bonus: L’AVANT also offers non toxic hand lotion in a stunning matte white glass bottle to complement our hand soaps, making your countertop as beautiful as it is functional. 

Glass Bottle

Add an Elegant Tray 

Think about what you love about going to a spa: Not only do the treatments help you de-stress, but the minimalist decor, free from clutter, instantly helps put your mind in a more relaxed state. An organized bathroom vanity free from clutter is one of the most easy and effective ways to transform your bathroom into a spa, and a beautifully crafted tray on which to place your soap, jewelry, and a candle instantly elevates your decor while keeping everything organized. 

Available in three sizes to fit any amount of counter space, L’AVANT Collective lucite trays are clear and sleek–the ideal spot to hold your eco-luxe hand soap or non toxic candle while enjoying your at-home spa treatment. Looking for something a bit more earthy? The L’AVANT Collective marble tray offers the same minimalist lines with a decidedly organic feel. Adding a tray to your bathroom counter is a simple way to create a vanity free from clutter for a spa-worthy experience. 

Marble Tray

Create Some Ambience With Candles 

It wouldn’t be a trip to the spa without a cozy glow and soft scent that makes you wonder why your own home can’t feel and smell this good all the time. Now, it can. In sophisticated white or black glass matte, the L’AVANT Collective non toxic candle is scented with just the right amount of our proprietary Fresh Linen fragrance to uplift your mood while helping you to relax–the perfect way to transform your bathroom into a spa! 

L’AVANT Collective non toxic candles are made of a sustainable and natural soy and coconut blend and deliver a paraffin-, phthalate-, and paraben-free experience, so they burn evenly and without all that soot for a truly relaxing escape. 

Treat Yourself to Turkish Towels 

Just as upgrading your dispensers can really change the feel of your bathroom, so can soft, super absorbent towels in soothing hues. We love Turkish fouta towels for their wafer-thin weave that belies just how incredibly absorbent they are–and how quickly they can dry. Plus, they take up so much less room in our linen closets! Super durable and softer with each use, these bath and hand towels look beautiful on display, just like in your favorite spa. Here’s a helpful hint: Soak your new towels in water for 24 hours before washing them and using them for the first time; this helps the cotton “bloom” so it will become as soft and absorbent as possible. We love the Turkish fouta towels from Serena & Lily, Stray & Wander, and The Citizenry for their color selections and quality. 

Turkish Towels


Bring the Outdoors In 

Last but not least, it wouldn’t be a spa bathroom without some greenery. If you’re lucky enough to get natural light in your bathroom, treat yourself to some plants! Even if you don’t have a lot of room, you can always place an air plant or two on your lucite or marble tray to bring a bit of nature into your spa bathroom. No natural light? No problem. Treat yourself to a bundle of eucalyptus to hang under your shower head! It won’t take up any room on your counters, but the steam from your shower will activate the soothing uplifting scent while the greenery will help soothe your stress levels– the ultimate goal in any spa experience!

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