One of our favorite parts of “wintering” is the call to return to warm, cozy meals that not only nourish our bodies, but our taste buds, as well. Hearty stew and a decadent cake fit the bill, and work for when you’re feeding the family or a table of hungry guests. 

These are two of our favorite recipes to brighten your new year—and all winter long. 

We’ve linked to the recipes by the talented cooks who created them, and send them our heartfelt thanks for making these delicious meals! 

Kristi’s Favorite: 

Moroccan Lamb Stew 

If you’re not a lamb eater, take heart: This recipe also works with turkey, beef, and pork, too! Vegetarian? Yep, you can make that happen here, as well. And did we mention the whole house will smell like heaven while this incredibly flavorful and satisfying stew is cooking? 

Stew-eater pro tip: Grab a loaf of fresh baked bread from your local bakery to sop up whatever is leftover in your bowl. After all, carbs are a hibernating bear’s best friend—right?

Moroccan Lamb Stew in a pan

Lindsay’s Favorite:

Coconut Layer Cake 

Because New Year’s Eve should always involve celebration—even when it’s a quiet night at home!—this coconut layer cake is a perennial favorite. And it shouldn’t just be relegated to the holidays, because it’s too good to not enjoy on any special occasion. Not only does it taste like angels delivered it straight from a coconut cloud, but it looks like a snow-covered dessert fantasy brought to life. Prepare for your guests to be WOWed!

Mini Coconut Layer Cake

Coconut-cake-eater pro tip: Pairs well with bubbly for a decadent NYE treat!

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