With back-to-school in full swing, we’re turning our thoughts to cleaning up the messes that await us after the school pick-up is over: reusable lunch containers, pens and pencils, laptop keyboards, books and binders, and of course, hands that have been busy all day long. The best eco friendly cleaning products to clean up kids’ school supplies are from L’AVANT Collective. These natural multi-purpose cleaners not only clean with plant-based ingredients, but they soothe and soften skin and leave a gentle scent that might even make cleaning up enjoyable. Here are our favorite sustainable cleaners for keeping back-to-school items clean and safe for everyone to use! 

Reusable lunch containers 

Whether you’ve gone the soft lunchbag route, the metal bento box route, or the reusable silicone bag route, used lunch containers not only need to be cleaned daily, they could probably use a little extra freshening up after being in backpacks or lockers all day. 

Give those reusable lunch containers a fresh start with L’AVANT Collective High Performing Dish Soap. This non toxic dish soap doesn’t just break down grease and dirt with ease, it leaves everything it touches gently scented with our proprietary fresh linen fragrance made from essential oils. Rinse away sauce or juice stains, freshen up that soft lunch bag material, and get rid of sticky surfaces with just a pump or two–a little of this high performance dish soap goes a long way! 

Dish Soap

Pens, pencils & markers (oh, my!)

Sticky fingers, dirty hands…pens, pencils, and markers can always use a good cleaning to rid them of dirt and grime. To clean writing utensils, we love a spritz or two of L’AVANT Collective Multipurpose Surface Cleaner on a reusable cloth to wipe them down. Take time to wipe each individual item before stashing them back in their bag or backpack. Bonus: The scent of this plant based multi-purpose cleaner will help freshen up wherever they’re stored. 

Multipurpose Spray

Laptop keyboards 

Laptops are delicate pieces of equipment, but they pick up a lot of dirt from so much use. To gently wipe high touch keyboards, choose the plant-based cleaning wipes from L’AVANT Collective. These unscented cleaning wipes are gentle on surfaces and have the perfect amount of moisture to make clean-up a breeze. When you’re done wiping down the laptop keyboard and cover (we don’t recommend using on screens), you can wipe down your table or countertop, too. The thickness of these luxury cleaning wipes makes them ideal for multi-tasking! 

Books and binders 

Books and binders get dropped on all kinds of public surfaces in school, and that makes them ideal candidates for after school clean up. We love using L’AVANT Collective Plant-Based Cleaning Wipes on books because they’ve got enough moisture to be highly effective at wiping away dirt, but these luxury cleaning wipes won’t drench book covers that need to last well beyond the current school year. 

For plastic binders, we prefer our  Multipurpose Surface Cleaner. The plastic won’t pucker or buckle under a few spritzes, and you’ll enjoy not only the feeling of getting a highly effective clean, but the fresh linen scent that makes cleaning with L’AVANT so enjoyable. 



Their precious hands

Last but not least, who can forget your kids’ hands when they come home from school? Kids of all ages can benefit from frequent handwashing with L’AVANT Collective’s linen scent hand soap. Encourage them to lather up with this aloe-rich formula that not only cleanses hands, but leaves them feeling soft and gently scented–and ready for that after school snack!

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