This Valentine’s Day, Choose Non-Toxic for the Ones You Love

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’re turning our thoughts to love and its myriad iterations. At its heart (see what we did there?), love is about caring for others; ensuring their well being; making their happiness a priority.

We can’t help but draw a correlation between the love we express to our cherished ones on Valentine’s Day and the love we show them every time we choose natural, non-toxic products to use around them. This Love Day, join us in doing the same for the ones you love.

Love for our families and pets

As the mothers of three kids each—and beloved pets, too!—we’re passionate about using products that work the way we need them to, but are safe enough to be absorbed by bare feet, sticky fingers and furry paws. We created L’AVANT Collective to be non-toxic, so we can clean and get on with our lives: No waiting for fumes to evaporate or surfaces to dry to “safety,” no telling our kids not to touch that just yet or our pets to “leave it.” Non-toxic works beautifully for our families, and we believe it’ll work for yours, too!

Love for the planet

We know our kids are going to inherit this planet, and it's our responsibility to make sure we’re doing our part. We’ve made L’AVANT Collective non-toxic cleaning products free of parabens, phosphates, phthalates and artificial fragrance to go easy on the environment and the living beings that share it. We also offer glass packaging and sizable refills to help cut down on plastic waste, and our plant-based cleaning wipes are biodegradable. We love our planet, and it shows.

Love for beautiful design

We wouldn’t be L’AVANT Collective without professing our love of elevated design! Our packaging was a labor of love, and we still get giddy every time we see our glass bottles on our counters. We’re proud that our eco-luxe cleaning products have surprised our customers by how well they work and how good they smell, and we’re thrilled that our packaging has delighted design aficionados who didn't know natural cleaning products could be so beautiful. We hope we’ve made the idea of cleaning a bit more pleasant—and dare we say…enjoyable! 

However you celebrate the ones you love this Valentine’s Day, we at L’AVANT Collective are sending you love—and we remain committed to creating non-toxic cleaning products that care for your well-being, and that of our planet.

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