Warm weather means more time outside–and nothing says “spring” like kids discovering the magic of playing with bubbles in the sunshine. But you don’t have to buy numerous plastic bottles full of bubble solution to make the perfect bubbles for your family. With the right amount of L’AVANT Collective natural dish soap and a few other household items, you’ll have a recipe for family fun in no time–without the single use plastic. Here’s how to make bubbles with dish soap. 

What you’ll need to make bubbles with dish soap

To make bubbles with natural dish soap, you’ll need:

- 2 TBSP L’AVANT Collective High Performing Dish Soap 

- 1 C. Water 

- 1 TBSP Sugar 

      You may be wondering why you need sugar in your homemade bubbles solution. Here’s a fun fact you can share with the kids to enrich their playtime with a science lesson: Adding sugar to the solution of water and L’AVANT Collective eco luxe dish soap prevents the water in the solution from evaporating too quickly, so you have bubbles that don’t dry out, therefore creating longer lasting–and bigger! –bubbles.  

      Dish Soap Bubbles

      How to mix your homemade bubbles solution

      The good news is, making bubbles with plant-based dish soap is easy enough that you can do it in minutes–a must when you have to find a quick and fun activity to get the kids outside. In a medium-sized bowl, gently mix together one cup of water, L’AVANT Collective High Performing Dish Soap, and the granulated sugar until the sugar dissolves. Voila! Your homemade bubbles solution is complete. Bonus for the adults in the room: This bubble solution smells like L’AVANT’s proprietary (and customer favorite!) Fresh Linen scent! And, because this non toxic dish soap is easy on the environment, you don’t have to worry about the bubbles causing harm to plants, animals, or waterways. 

      Now, you’re ready to play

      Once you’ve made your bubbles with L’AVANT plant-based dish soap, it’s time to get outside and blow some bubbles! To create your bubble wand, you can use pipe cleaners. Fashion them into different shapes, but make sure you keep a small portion free to use as a handle. Or, you can use an old wire hanger for the same effect. Dip the bubble wand into the natural dish soap bubbles solution, slowly pull it out, and blow into bubbles outside. And most importantly–have fun!

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