Our pets, like yours, are family. From the pitter patter of their little paws across the floor to their warm little bodies snuggling up on the couch, our homes and hearts are all the better for loving them. Like our other family members, we’d do anything to help keep our pets safe–and that’s one of the reasons we founded L’AVANT Collective. If you haven’t made the switch to a non-toxic floor cleaner yet, it’s never too late. Read on for why and how L’AVANT Collective takes floor cleaning to a whole new, safer level–and get ready to fall in love with how well our biodegradable cleaners care for your floors. 

Why should I use a non-toxic floor cleaner for my pets? 

How many times have you looked over to see your dog, cat, guinea pig or other pet grooming themselves with their tongues? Chances are, it happens daily (hourly?!)--and that means that whatever your pet lays on, steps in, or rolls over will end up on their paws and bodies. When they groom themselves, they may ingest the chemicals in floor cleaning solvents, and that can be extremely dangerous for them (and us, too!). Compounding the issue is pets’ uncanny knack for licking and eating things they’re not supposed to; suddenly, that conventional floor cleaner you’ve always used may begin to look a lot less appealing. 

Reaching for a non-toxic floor cleaner can help keep your pets and human family members safe from toxic chemicals–without sacrificing the clean floors you love. Natural, plant-based cleaning products from L’AVANT Collective are formulated with non-toxic, organic cleaning ingredients, and are a better choice for your pets, your family, and the planet. 

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What are some floor cleaning ingredients to avoid? 

Many conventional home cleaning products contain ingredients that can be harmful for humans to inhale, get on their skin, or even poisonous to ingest. Imagine how harsh these chemicals are to the noses of our pets, which are so incredibly sensitive to the world around them. Just as our eyes may water when using bleach or our lungs may burn when mopping with commercial-grade cleaner, you can imagine how unhappy such experiences can be for your pet! 

Forget artificial fragrance 

Not only can conventional home clean products be irritants to eyes,

 skin, and lungs, but many of the artificial fragrances used to mask the actual smell of such products contain phthalates, chemicals known to be endocrine (hormone) disruptors. According to the NIH National Library of Medicine, over time, chronic exposure to phthalates “will adversely influence the endocrine system and functioning of multiple organs, which has negative long-term impacts on the success of pregnancy, child growth and development, and reproductive systems in both young children and adolescents.”  UVM Larner College of Medicine professor Frances Carr, PhD, notes,Although more studies are needed, exposure to phthalates has been linked to thyroid, breast, and other solid tumors. Phthalates, like other plasticizers such as bisphenol A (BPA), are ubiquitous in the environment; age of exposure, as well as chronic low dose exposures, are significant risk factors for adverse health effects.” Skip harsh artificial fragrances and opt for natural formulas formulated with a safe amount of essential oils.  

Forgo the chlorine bleach 

While chlorine bleach may be a favorite with which to clean bathroom and tile floors because it’s highly effective at killing germs, it is also extremely dangerous if ingested. Chlorine bleach can burn eyes, noses, and lungs just by inhaling it, and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and more in pets and humans if ingested. Reaching for an eco-luxe cleaning formula like plant-based L’AVANT Collective will not only get your floors clean of dirt, but you can enjoy the relaxing Fresh Linen scent knowing it’s formulated with essential oils that are safe for pets and people. 

Avoid ammonia 

Like chlorine bleach, ammonia is a popular ingredient in many conventional cleaning products that can be hard on the eyes, nose, and respiratory tract, causing damage if it’s ingested–and that’s true of people and pets. And, sensitive paws can be further irritated by walking on floors cleaned with ammonia. To be safe, avoid ammonia when cleaning your home. 

Which L’AVANT products can I use to clean my floors, instead? 

To keep your pets and family members safe without sacrificing the clean floors you love, reach for L’AVANT Collective everytime you mop. Our high quality cleaners aren’t just for countertops and dishes; they double as a highly effective cleaning product for your floors! 

If you have heavy dirt, grease, and grime on your floors, add a few pumps of L’AVANT Collective luxury dish soap to your mop bucket and fill as normal with piping hot water. As the bubbles form, enjoy the natural fragrance of this linen scented dish soap–no harsh additives or overwhelming fragrance here! Once your bucket has been filled, mop as usual, allowing the effective dish soap formula to work its magic on grease and grime. 

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No L’AVANT clean dish soap on hand? No problem! We love adding the refill bottle of our plant based multi-purpose cleaner to a bucket of hot steamy water and letting its highly concentrated formula dissolve. Plunge your mop or reusable mop pad in the water, wring out the excess water, and get to cleaning those high traffic areas on your floors. Like all L’AVANT Collective products, this natural multi-purpose cleaner is naturally linen scented, so you may find this is the most relaxing floor cleaning you’ve ever done! And, with the highly concentrated formula, your floors will be clean in no time–with no “down time” waiting for toxic chemicals to dissipate. 

Clean floors that are pet friendly and safe for all the humans in your family too? It’s just one more reason to make the switch to L’AVANT Collective sustainable cleaning products.

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