Glass Multipurpose Empty Bottle

Glass Multipurpose Empty Bottle

16 FL oz

Calling all minimalist design lovers! Instantly upgrade your counters with a sleek and subtle content-free bottle. Our 16 oz bottle is made with the most durable glass to protect from breakage, and can be customized to your choice of stylish black or white brushed gold pump or modern black trigger sprayer. Elevate any countertop—kitchen or bathroom. Fill using L'AVANT Collective Hand Soap, High Performing Dish Soap or Multipurpose Surface Cleaner and enjoy your elevated plant-based cleaning experience.


Purposeful. Powerful. Plant-Based Clean.

Designed to instantly elevate any countertop, we created this simple, durable glass bottle to brave the storm of your everyday life all while doing our part to reduce our use of plastics.  Tested in our homes and with our young children,  we've ensured it lasts through the daily drops in the sink or on the floor.  

Fill using L'AVANT Collective Multipurpose Cleaner or our 1 oz Multipurpose Concentrate and 15oz of water. Enjoy using a refillable, recyclable bottle knowing you are reducing the use of plastic, refill after refill. In addition to refilling with L'AVANT products, these bottles are perfect for any shampoo, conditioner, lotion, or bubble bath.  


16 oz, empty, clear glass bottle
Brushed Gold Neck Pump in Black or White or Modern Black Trigger Sprayer
Dishwasher Safe
This bottle is every minimalists dream

Elevated Performance

We’ve created each L’AVANT Collective product to shift your perspective on how you clean—and just how effective plant-based and non-toxic can be.

Elevated Aesthetics

We’re obsessed with mindful design. That’s why each L’AVANT Collective product is housed in elegant packaging that you’ll love leaving on your countertop.

Elevated Ingredients

We are committed to using only high performing, plant-based cleaning ingredients that are safe for people, pets and the environment.

16oz Empty Glass Bottle with Trigger Sprayer