Symetra Winter Essentials Bundle
Symetra Winter Essentials Bundle

Symetra Winter Essentials Bundle

Bring the holidays sink side and to your home care! All the eco-friendly goodness of L’AVANT high performing luxury dish soap and hand soap in our limited-edition Winter Fir scent plus the cult classic Fresh Linen Multipurpose Spray, candle and fragrance free biodegradable cleaning wipes.   The Winter Fir 100% Natural Fragrance includes subtle notes of cedar, fir, balsam, and sandalwood blend in a lush, delicate scent that’s pitch-perfect for the season. And of course, our customary nontoxic, plant-based ingredients—safe for people, pets, and the planet—and proven superior performance in a formula that’s effective, gentle on your skin, and a joy to use.

Elevated Performance

We’ve created each L’AVANT Collective product to shift your perspective on how you clean—and just how effective plant-based and non-toxic can be.

Elevated Aesthetics

We’re obsessed with mindful design. That’s why each L’AVANT Collective product is housed in elegant packaging that you’ll love leaving on your countertop.

Elevated Ingredients

We are committed to using only high performing, plant-based cleaning ingredients that are safe for people, pets and the environment.

L'AVANT bottle displayed on a tray on bathroom sink