You’ve made the commitment to use organic cleaning products in your home—congratulations! Not only are organic cleaning products easier on your skin, lungs, eyes, and nose, but they’re also better for the environment. But if you’re unsure where to buy the best organic cleaning products, keep reading. We’ll tell you where you can buy the best plant-based dish soap, laundry detergent, hand soap, and multipurpose cleanser—in just a few clicks!


Look no further than L’AVANT Collective

The good news is that buying organic cleaning products has never been easier. No longer do you have to wander the cleaning aisle, reading ingredient lists and trying to decipher what each ingredients means, or how (if!) it will safely clean your home. 

L’AVANT Collective has a full suite of home cleaning products that not only look beautiful—the elevated aesthetic has disrupted the natural cleaning industry!—but perform even better than the conventional products you’ve probably been using for years.

L'AVANT Collective Products

And because they’re plant-based, these cleaning products are gentle on your skin, lungs, eyes, and nose. Instead of experiencing burning in your nostrils and lungs or watery eyes and irritated skin, you can enjoy the soothing scent of L’AVANT Collective’s signature natural Fresh Linen fragrance. In fact, this proprietary scent was so popular, L’AVANT created a candle out of it!


Eco luxe hand soap

If you’ve been wondering where to buy natural hand soap, give L’AVANT Collective High Performing Hand Soap a try. The moisturizing plant-based soap formula has an aloe vera base to keep skin soft and supple, even with repeated washing. Whether you use it to welcome guests in your powder room or in high traffic areas throughout your home to keep hands of all sizes germ-free, we think you’ll find this natural hand soap delivers a highly effective, yet super gentle, clean.

Hand Soap 

Natural dish soap

Soften even dry hands, no matter how long they’re submerged in dishwater! L’AVANT Collective eco-luxe dish soap cuts the grease as well as—and even better than—the conventional stuff, and natural oils of clary sage, basil, lemon peel, geranium, and lavender make you feel like you’re at a spa instead of the kitchen sink. Plus, it’s formulated to suds like a bath, so your foamy dishwater won’t fall flat. What’s not to love? Add L’AVANT Collective High Performing Dish Soap to your cart today!

Dish Soap 


Plant-based multipurpose surface cleaner

Spray away dirt and grime without the stress on your eyes and lungs. Grab a hold of L’AVANT Collective Multipurpose Surface Cleaner and clean your kitchen counters, bathroom, mudroom—wherever dirt and grime occur. This gentle yet powerful surface cleaner does a knockout job cleaning surfaces, and we have to admit: It does double duty as an air freshener, thanks to the L’AVANT natural Fresh Linen fragrance. We love wiping down surfaces right before guests arrive to make our homes smell fresh, relaxing, and welcoming.

Multipurpose Surface Cleaner & Concentrate

On-the-go cleaning wipes

Messes don’t just happen inside the home. In fact, on the most hectic days, they probably happen in the car, in the stroller, or during a meeting. L’AVANT Collective Plant-Based Cleaning Wipes make cleaning up effortless, and these plant-based cleaning wipes aren’t just highly effective at wiping down surfaces and combatting messes, they’re made with solvents from coconuts and corn. Use them on countertops, plastic, in the car, on stone, glass, tile, even wood—anywhere that’s a non-porous surface.

Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes

Now that you know where to buy the best organic cleaning products, we have one more tip to make your natural cleaning experience even sweeter. L’AVANT Collective offers sustainable refills! You never have to be without your favorite natural cleaning formulas, and you can feel better about generating less waste.


The best place to buy cleaning products - including laundry detergent - is always L’AVANT Collective!

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