When making the change to more sustainable home cleaning products, many of us focus on swapping out harsh countertop sprays, bathroom cleaners, and soaps–and for good reason: Many of these conventional products are formulated with harsh chemicals that can irritate our lungs, eyes, skin and be hard on the environment, as well. But while all of these changes to non toxic cleaners add up to cumulative positive effects, we may be hesitant to give up our conventional laundry detergents because we’re afraid our clothes just won’t look or feel, well, truly clean. The good news? Today’s sustainable laundry detergent is nothing like you think it is, and everything you hoped it would be. In fact, our L’AVANT Collective High Performance Laundry Detergent is at the cutting edge of sustainable laundry solutions. Here’s why–and why you’ll want to add this natural laundry detergent to your cart (and your washing machine!). 

Powerful enzymes care for clothes–and the planet 

We all want clothes that are clean. And when you’ve used something for years, it’s hard to part with a household product when you’re not sure what swapping it out will mean for the performance you need and expect. The good news is that natural laundry detergent has come a long way, and can now not only keep up with conventional laundry products, but can even surpass their performance. 

Like all L’AVANT Collective products, our NEW eco-friendly laundry detergent was years in the making. We knew it had to stand up to our own high laundry standards–and to the reality of having very busy families that include kids and pets. We’re thrilled to say that we surpassed even our own expectations with this one, thanks to the blend of powerful enzymes that work in harmony to clean dirt and smells from clothes, prevent color transfer, and retain the integrity of clothing fibers so they last longer. Talk about a more sustainable laundry option!

L'AVANT Laundry Detergent


Less detergent=less wear and tear 

One of our favorite benefits of our new L’AVANT Collective High Performance Laundry Detergent is that a little goes a long way. That doesn’t just mean it saves you money in the long run (though we love that, too!), but using less detergent on your clothes to get them thoroughly clean means that your clothes are subject to far less wear and tear. Because our eco-luxe laundry detergent uses natural, biological technology that contains quadrillions of natural stain fighters in every application, it washes away dirt without washing away color or breaking down fabric or elasticity. That means your clothes can stay looking newer, longer–and when we are able to wear our clothes for longer, we can significantly cut down on textile waste, which is one of the biggest sources of planetary pollution. And just think of the amount of cotton, water, energy, and overall waste that could be saved if we each hung on to our favorite t-shirts for a longer span of time! In fact, according to Nielsen et al. (2015), wearing them for even just 20% longer would save enough CO2 to equal the annual emissions from 10 million medium-sized cars, and enough water to equal the annual water consumption of 700 million people in India. 

Sustainable detergent that works even in low temps

Even if you have clothes that require washing in cold water, L’AVANT Collective organic laundry detergent is suitable to use. In fact, our environmentally safe laundry detergent works beautifully in cold water to remove stains, brighten whites, prevent fading, and freshen clothes up to look and feel clean, soft, and renewed. 

Choosing a sustainable laundry detergent doesn’t have to mean sacrificing performance. In fact, with our NEW L’AVANT Collective laundry detergent, your clothes–and the planet! –will thank you for making the switch. With the powerful plant-based enzymes and the high quality formula that allows you to use less and even wash in cold water temps, this is one switch you won’t mind making.

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